Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Baluchistan Independence Day message - Unite to survive or perish forever!

Since illegal occupation at the hands of imperial powers and their colonies Baluchistan and Baluch Nation have lived under oppression and repression for 63 years. Unfortunately, Baluchistan since losing her sovereignty has remained under the yoke of Punjabi and Gajar slavery due to Baluch leaderships and political parties’ disunity. Pakistan, which is armed with nuclear weapons and Iranian regime that is feverishly pursuing nuclear weapons brazenly want the Baluch peoples’ annihilation. States’ agencies and their agents are brutally abducting Baluch activist and killing them in cold-blood. Hundreds of thousands of Baluch men, women and children have been killed and thousands have been abducted.

To address these challenges in the years ahead, unity among our people, both inside and outside Baluchistan, will be more important than ever. That is why it is vital that we continue to strengthen the bonds between Baluchistan and the Diaspora. It is the sole responsibility of Baluch in Diaspora who can and must play a key role to strengthen these bonds.

On this Independence Day, let us take pride in all we have accomplished and let us look forward to a time of security, prosperity and peace. If we stand together as one, if we stand together with courage and conviction, that time will surely come that we will certainly regain our Independence. We can once again be a free, sovereign and prosperous Nation like other free Nations in the world.

We request every Baluch around the world to pray for the Independence of Baluchistan, and safe and early release of Baluch forced-disappeared activists in the auspicious month of Ramzaan Mobarak.

Happy Independence Day
Happy Ramzaan Mobarak
From Balochwarna and Baluchland

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