Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Protest for the recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared person, govt deceiving people: Nasrullah Baluch

Occupied Baluchistan: Hunger strike camp for release of Zakir Majeed Baloch entered into 102nd day but there is no information of Zakir Majeed’s whereabouts so far. A large number of people protest outside Quetta press club here on Monday. Addressing the protesters and media men Zakir Majeed Sisters said that the family has been sitting on protest for more than hundred days but the ignorance of the state (Pakistan) is unimaginable. “If Pakistan has even a shred of decency then they should surface Zakir Majeed and present him to their own court of law for a trial”. Zakir was struggling for human dignity, disappearing people for years like this shows the state’s savageness and uncivilised manners, he said. She appealed to all human loving organizations, Religions and Nations to take notice of State atrocities and play their vital role to save the life of her brother and thousands of other Baloch illegally detained persons.

Mean while the family of Baloch leaders Mir Wadood Raisani , Mir Jalil Reki , Dr.Deen Mohammad Baloch ,Mir Ghaffar Langov , Sangat Sana Baloch, Maqbool Zafer Baloch and Abdul Sattar Baloch ‘s hunger strike camp entered into 26th day. Many people visited the camp; the visitors said that the cold-blooded murder of the abducted Baloch by Pakistani intelligence agencies is a slap on those who claim to be champion of Human Rights. They further said that Pakistani PM is also helpless in the front of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies. The Baluch families said that they had several time knocked the door of Pakistani judiciary and other high official but all in vain. They appealed to the UN, European Union and Human Right Organizations to step forward and play their role for the safe and early recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared persons.

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