Sunday, 8 August 2010

Baluch Nation must unite to show their strength instead of depending on International Community: Hyrbyair Marri

Cold-blooded murder of Baluch youth at the hand of Pakistan's Intelligence Agencies is continuation of genocide of the Baluch people. Baluch Nation has to unite and show their strength instead of making appeal to International Community.

London: Patriot Baluch leader Hyrbyair Marri has said that the international powers have do not serve freedom on a plate to Nations. Baluch people have to depend on their own strength, if the Baluch still remain silent their name will be wiped out. Expressing his anger on the recent killings of Baluch youth he said that Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan are intentionally killing Baluch youth in their captivity to weaken the Baluch liberation struggle. The occupying force are repeating the brutal history of Chile and Argentine's “Dirty War” against their political opponents and oppressed people of Baluchistan. In the 60s and 70s the Chilean and Argentinian military and Para-military [police] forces' “death squads” have extra judicially disappeared and brutally murdered thousands of people who were asking for their rights.

In 1971 Pakistan made so called Al-Shams and Al-Badr to to massacre the Bengali liberation seekers. Today a similar brutal history is being repeated in occupied Baluchistan, Pakistan's [military and ISI] sponsored Sipah-e-Shohada-e-Baluchistan have been tasked to kill Baluch political prisoners in the custody of Pakistan army. “The coward and uncivilised enemy of the Baluch abducts pro-liberation activists, keeps them in custody for years, where they are severely tortured, and finally kills them and dumps their bodies in deserted areas in different towns, Bauchistan”, explained Hyrbyair Marri. He further said that the Baluch know very well the strength of their enemy, “We are dealing with an uncivilised state. The coward and savage enemy doesn't even have the courage to carry out the inhuman and gross violent acts in the name of Sipah-e-Punjab”. Baluch nations is well aware of the occupying state's deceptive philosophy in the name of Islam and brotherhood for this artificial state only considers Punjabis as Muslims, he added.

The ridiculous remarks of Pakistan's interior Minister, Rehman Malik, that Baluch abducted persons were not in the custody of intelligence agencies but they have gone to Afghanistan and Dubai; are a question mark for the so called International Champions of Human Rights and fell in the category of extreme terror intentions. Yet, “I'm surprised that Baluch are insulting themselves by appealing to the International Community for help. Whereas right before their eyes in Quetta and other parts of occupied Baluchistan beheaded and mutilated bodies of Baluch prisoners are being found”.

The enemy must know that the Baluch (nation) will not gift them bunches of flowers in exchange of the dead bodies of Baluch youth. The paid provincial government of Pujabi rulers is proving themselves as Baluch enemy by distributing arms to pro-Pakistan Sarkari Lashkars to counter Baluch liberation seeking activists in some areas of Baluchistan. They are mistaken to think that they (provincial government) along with their Punjabi masters can stop the flood of Baluch freedom struggle by putting such tiny hurdles in way of Baluch struggle, because such acts will not affect the Baluch national movement.

The method that the state [Pakistan] is applying to kill Baluch prisoners in cold-blood is against International war laws and Geneva Conventions. Pakistan Army has committed similar crimes in Chamaling Marri area in 1970s as well. The gross human rights violations are continue today in a more extreme and dreadful shape but the Baluch Nation will not give up their struggle for Independence. No matter how long the enemy repression continue, the DAWN (of freedom) WILL appear, “Nations cannot be wiped out by killing; only submission/bowing to their enemy can eliminate them”.

The State's repressive policies and extreme terror will add fuel to Baluch National struggle for freedom. Baluch Nation should open their eyes; instead of appealing the International Community they must unite and show the strength of their muscles. International Community do not serve freedom to Nations on a plate, Baluch nation have to depend on their own strength. Mr. Marri said that If the Baluch people still remained silent the enemy will wipe them out one after another. The state repression is at its peak and there will be more difficult times for Baluch people. “We should be mentally prepared to face the upcoming challenges. The heavy responsibility of spreading awareness depends on the Baluch Youth to strengthen the Baluch freedom movement on scientific bases and to reach to their goal” [Free Baluchistan].

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