Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Karachi: protest against cold-blooded murder of Baluch prisoners, Panjgur Chemists closed stores

Karachi: Baloch Student Organization Azaad held a protest rally against the cold-blood killing of abducted Baloch by and against abduction of 8000 Baloch by Pakistan and its Pakistan Intelligence Agencies. According to details BSO Azaad organized a protest rally which started from Karachi Art Council and finished at Karachi press club. BSO Karachi Zone, BSO Gaddap zone, BSO Lasbella zone members and the large number of Baloch people participated in the rally.

Addressing the rally BSO-azaad leaders said that Pakistani state has been committing human right violation since the forced occupation of Independent Baluchistan in 1948. The continued inhuman treatment and discrimination against the Baluch is declaration of Pakistani state’s barbarism .They further said that that if the International Community wanted to save the human civilisation that the world has achieved thus far, then they must take immediate notice of inhuman acts of Pakistan.

Today Baloch are not only struggling to save their land and identity but the Baluch struggle is to save the world from dangers that it faces from Pakistan and terrorism. However the deliberate silence of the world on Pakistan’s atrocities against Baluch freedom struggle is beyond imagination.BSO Azad made it clear that if Pakistan’s barbarism is aimed to stop Baloch liberation movement than the state is mistaken because the more pain it causes to the people and the more energetic the liberation movement will become.

Naal: Meanwhile BSO-azaad Naal zone has also protested against the abduction of Bluch leaders and asked for the immediate recovery of all Baluch abducted persons.

Abduction of Baluch Leader: Medical stores will remain closed for an undefined period: Chemist Associations

Panjgur: All Panjgur Chemist Associations have announced to close medical stores the whole district until the release of Abdul Sattar Baluch, Agha Abid Baluch and Safeer Baluch. Several leaders and members of Association have set up a sit-in protest camp. Due to the closure of medical stores across the district patients faced huge difficulties. The president and leaders of Medical and Chemist Associations have said that Baluch leaders Abdul Sattar Baluch is district president of All Panjgur Chemist Association whereas Abid Shah and Safeer Baluch are also members of the Association, they have no affiliation with any armed groups and neither have they been involved in any unlawful activities. The FC has abducted these three innocent men in front of several eye-witnesses on broad day light from Chatkan bazaar, Panjgur. They feared that the Baluch leaders might be harmed in custody while adding that if there are any cases against the Baluch leaders then they should be presented to the court of law.

Furthermore Government Teachers Associations have announced to boycott all attending classes in schools across Panjgur district. They also demanded the immediate release of Baluch leaders. They said CM Baluchistan, Chief Secretary Baluchistan, Education Minister Baluchistan, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Makuran and several other high officials have been informed about the arrest and disappearance of Baluch leaders.

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