Monday, 16 August 2010

Baluch genocide continues; bodies of three missing Baluch persons discovered

Occupied Baluchistan: The Pakistani military’s death squad Sipah-e-Shohad-e-Baluchistan, which the Baluch people has named as Sipah-e-Punjab, continue to killed the Baluch disappeared political activists. Three bodies of Baloch abducted person have been recovered in past 24 hours.

According to details the dead bodies of Zuhaib Roudini and Khan Mohammad Baluch were found in Fairozabad area near Khuzdar on Satruday (14.08-2010). The relative of these Baluch martyrs have said that they were abducted by the Pakistani Para-military forces from Khuzdar some weeks ago. Eye-witnesses said that the victims had been severely torture prior to their death.

Baluch people and Baluchistan’s major pro-Independence parties believe that the youth were killed by the Pakistan army “death squad” which they alleged is a joint criminal group of the police and Para-military officials. The Baluch parties have also strongly condemned the cold-blooded ruthless murder of Baluch political activists at the hands of Pakistani Police and FC.

Shah Jihan Baluch’s body recovered from Quetta Sunday evening (15-08-2010): Meanwhile another dead body was recovered near Sabzal Road in Quetta. The body has later been identified as Shah Jihan Langove Baluch. Shaheed Langove was a resident of Killi Ismael and had been abducted from his house around a month ago. Shah Jihan’s bodies also bore extreme marks of torture like other Baluch, whose bodies had been found recently.

BNM has strongly condemned the ruthless murder of Baluch activists in Khuzdar and Quetta. The Baluch National Movement further said that the party pays homage to the sacrifices of Shaheed Langove and praised his family for their patience and steadfastness. They said that there should be no second thoughts about the fact that Pakistan’s intelligence were involved in recent killings of Baluch political prisoners.

They BNM vowed to continue the mission of Baluch martyrs saying that Baluch martyrs took great risks to protect Baluch families and Baluchistan. They said that such barbaric acts of Pakistani military will further provoke people of Baluchistan. “Such brutal acts of the Pakistan military will strengthen our resolve to struggle for our freedom”. The BBM spokesperson blamed the Pakistani forces of violating International War laws. The spokesperson further said that Baluch are not terrorists but they are secular minded people who are struggling for Independence of Baluchisan.

On the other hand Pakistani military’s Sipah-e-Shohad-e-Balochstan’s spokesperson Abdullah Baluch claimed responsibility for murdering Shah Jihan Langove Baluch. He alleged that the victim was working for Baluch resistance organisation and that he involved in killing “Innocent Muslims”. He further said that anyone who fights against the will of GOD his Organisation will target and eliminate them. It is worth noting that in an earlier statement the same extremist Organisation had claimed that anyone promoting secular ideology will be killed.

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