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The Construction of USA Consulate in Balochistan & the Aftermath

Gwank Report (USA); As recently in the press conference where American Ambassador to Pakistan Ms, Anne Peterson gave a speech which was appreciated by the Baloch nation and also she confirmed that USA will help Baloch nation in every way possible, and the most important statement which sparked shocks in the minds of the colonizer and a sudden calmness into the Baloch society was the construction of a USA consulate in Quetta, Balochistan. A USA Consulate is just what it needs in this volatile situation in Balochistan, being the largest of the 3 provinces Balochistan was never given its due share and always was neglected and used as a colonized land by the oppressor Pakistan, this led to the alienation of Baloch nation and also the realization that there nation is being systematically wiped out, for this Baloch struggle has been going on and off in these 63 years of repression thus such kind of approach by the USA Government into the Baloch Land is somewhat fearful for the oppressor as in this last struggle for freedom, Pakistan has used every human right abuse it have up to its sleeves leaving no leaf unturned the Pakistani government utilize all its might over Baloch nation to end its voice of Independence once and for all.

And Building of a consulate will surely mean that all their wrongdoings will come one by one into the world’s eye hence this will lead them to their real status as being a country who has power but use it wrongs, a country which has nuclear weapons but utilize them over the oppressed nation, & a country which is in all its authoritative sense supports the Taliban, Al Qaeda and all the other terror groups of the world. So to better understand this situation and to look into the matter more closely our correspondent of Gwank interviewed Mr. Kachkol Ali Advocate, the person who was the witness to the abduction of three notable Baloch nationalist by the hands of FC (Frontier Constabulary), for which he fled to London and took asylum because of being threatened by those unseen force which are bred by Pakistan and its agencies.

The most vital point is that after the announcement of Ms, Anne Peterson about the construction of a USA consulate in Balochistan, and two Newborn Terrorist organizations Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Balochistan, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen is somewhat gives us hint of a Pakistani hand and also to be noted is the threat by these Terrorist Organizations to the red cross and many educational institute where girls are being educated. They phoned, SMS, and distributed pamphlets to them to close all the foreign NGO’s and Mostly Red Cross in Balochistan or else they won’t be spared from the wrath of these terror organizations & they also threaten the educational facilities and authorities to stop all their activities which are against Islamic rules and should follow what there is or these Talibani organizations will attack them also, with these threats all the educational facilities and the authorities have escalated a fear in them and it is also being seen that all the foreign NGO’s and Red Cross have decreased their work in these recent times. To talk on these issues we invited a guest who is Mr. Kachkol Ali Advocate as to what is the real reason that these newborn Pakistani Taliban have hidden in them.

GC: Why these two newborn Pakistani Taliban group have shown their faces after the statement of Anne Peterson about the construction of a USA Consulate in Balochistan?

KAA: Sir! For this I think all our Political Parties & Pakistani Civil Society know very well that who is the puppeteer of these Talibani Organizations, These Talibani organizations are created by ISI and they are real puppeteers & they created them so that they could utilize them for their foreign policies and also to threaten the West and Europe to stand with us or else these talibani organizations will continue what they have been doing in so many years. The biggest example is the new terror plot in Times Square, New York where a son of a Pakistani army general was involved, it is because I have always said that and also said this in the State department of America where I was invited I have said that the Pakistani army was created to counter the Indian army, their biggest philosophy is this that Indian are all Kafirs (Non-Muslim) and we are Muslims and to destroy these Kafirs they brainwashed these Taliban against the Kashmir Occupation and now as they started these theories in Balochistan, I will say this to the world communities that they should see the history, We Baloch are seculars, we are liberals, We are the democracy loving nation, We are not a terror loving, these all philosophy and theories of terror all were created by these Pakistani agencies, Intelligence Security, Establishment, and also this State Pakistan supports terrorism, one could say this without any doubts that all these other countries have armies but Pakistan is the one in all that is the country of the army & in all these views the Pakistan army is shocked about the construction of a USA consulate which will see through every ordeal the Pakistani army does to Baloch nation.

I have seen all this with my own eyes that in Balochistan assembly there were Minister and MPA’s who are Taliban in nature and were brought by the Pakistani agencies (ISI). If this consulate is set up in Balochistan it will see all the happenings and would become witness to all these ordeals which are done inside Balochistan on Baloch nation. It will see the duties performed by these Taliban and will surely see the relation ship of these Taliban organizations with the Pakistani establishment and all their dramas will vanish, that is the reason they are using these tactics and to all this over the closing of Red Cross. I will salute Red Cross over its duties performed by them in effort for the IDBPS (Internally Displaced Baloch Peoples) helping them out who were forced to migrate in the early awake of chaos spread by Pakistani army in Dera bugti. Our provincial Government or the Pakistani government never went to ease up their condition even I went there to see these displaced peoples and requested Sattar Eidi to perform his humanitarian duty and to help my Baloch nation but he was stopped by the Pakistani government but I salute Red Cross again that they performed their duties honestly and published a report and through this report our Displaced people plead was seen all over the world, All these atrocities committed by Pakistan was viewed by all of them.

So this I would say that all these problems faced by these NGO’s are created by the Pakistani establishment now I want to tell West and Europe that both Pakistan and Iran states are headaches, the reason to create the nuclear weapons is to utilize them over the world devastations and we Baloch who are oppressed and our land has been repressed by both these states & we are the real owners of this lands but these two devilish state suppressed us and took over our land by subjugation and by using the name of Islam and I want to tell the USA to take a look over the features of this state that how they are the enemies of democracy and how they bred Talibanization in this region and in this region how they are sabotaging the humanitarian work by the NGO’s & in the view of this Newborn Tehrik-e-Taliban Balochistan Pakistan is concerned I want to tell the world that Baloch are not part of Taliban and we take taliban as the enemies of humanity, they are fundamentalist, they support racism, they are not religious, both these states Pakistan and Iran support them with money and power & for this they carry out their deeds and wants to give a message to the world that both these Terrorist states are involved in creating this deadliest terror force.

I want to tell America that they should not withdraw their promise of a consulate in Balochistan, they should carry out there views in Balochistan and we Baloch have no big hope with America but I want to say this that these Taliban and all the fundamentalist force inside Balochistan and Baloch being a biggest rival to these terror organization and sees them as a pain, for this the West, Europe and particularly America should understand that these fundamentalist who is like Faisal Shahzad who was given Visa and after he received a citizenship and gave him & his family a good living life but what he gave in return they all did this to penetrate more of terror, it was penetrated by Pakistani agencies and also the Pakistani establishment whose creed is to bring itself up as a religious state and a big rival to India, No state has been created in the name of religion or being a rival state against its enemy.

These two creeds have now became useless, now the Pakistani civil society doesn’t see this fit to call for a country which was created in the rival of India, and they also have seen this that this establishment uses religion as a tool to fulfill its agenda. They also know that those Muslim state which were created even before Pakistan and as a long century & are the owners of natural resources are being exploited and are living a standard and luxurious life and the real owners are still living in the stone ages, Is this Muslamaniat?, now the world knows that this country is not a Islamic country they are treacherous and they have used the name of Muslamaniat. Till there is religious ideology in Iran and Pakistan, there will always be religious leaders who will create problems in civil society and in the world in the name of religion, they are not religious Sir! They are greedy people, they are bought they with their willingness destroy the civil society by creating religious extremism and the center is Pakistan and the pick center is Pakistani Establishment, Pakistani ISI who have trained them and utilized them over in Kashmir to conquer it and after this they dragged them into the battlefield of Afghanistan.

GC: Yes Sir! But what you have to say about these two terrorist groups and on the other side the construction of USA Consulate, What you say are these two things are reaction to an action?

KAA: Like I said this before Sir! That they are distributing pamphlets in girl’s educational institutes, they are creating panic to rule out the girls uniform, these all are tactics to pressure America that if they build a consulate then tomorrow when American citizen visit Balochistan they will be targeted by them but the biggest point is who created these terror groups on the first place, the civil society in Mastung is very much educated and they have the highest literacy rate in all of Balochistan , this is an area where majority is of Baloch and as I said that we are secular, we are liberal, we are not fundamentalist, we are not extremist and even our vice chancellor of Mastung or Kalat of University of Balochistan, we are educated, this is all because of ISI who have contaminated our Society, they cast chaos and bloodshed & the most is the extra judicial killing, the abduction and now when America is keen to construct a consulate in Balochistan, so to destroy the morals of America they want to disgraced them, they don’t want this to happen here and if it happens they fear that all their ordeals with Baloch will be seen by America who will be the biggest witness, for my thinking I would say that all those terrorist and Mullahs who escalate fear and panic will be seen in Qulli Camp along all those Big Apes of Taliban leaders, we should not take it easy, as if all these Mullahs and terror groups roam freely then American will look over them and if they look then they would realize that they are thieves and if they see all this and witness that the Pakistani establishment is supporting them then the aid which is coming in millions and billions will be stopped.

The biggest shocking news is that the IMF now have given aid to this treacherous country once again, the aid which is of 10 Billion, 13 million dollars, and this is also to say that the Americans should not succumb to their demands and blackmailing, they think that this State is helping them in war on terror so This state ask the American Government to close its eyes and aid them, Now I would like to tell America that they should think over there decision it is enough for them to hear all those lies and the games played by this State.

As I have given you the references of these writers and bloggers they all have dipped their hands into writing about the Talibanization and they know who the puppeteers are, it is the ISI and the Pakistani Establishment that is why they are distributing pamphlets now and are creating fear in the educational facilities although we are liberals the biggest proof is the university of Balochistan where 400 to 500 Baloch girls are being educated and are living in university hostels, My own daughter is studying in the IT University, We Baloch want modern education system, we want science, technology, We want a liberal society, We Baloch don’t want a state for religious matters as we are democratic nation.

GC: Sir! As Baloch also understands and as many years have passed when American along with Iran and Pakistan accused us of being a stanch supporter of socialism and punished us, but what about now, what are people to do when the news of construction of this consulate has been stated?

KAA: I would like to say that American, Europe or any other moderate nations and state institutions should visit Balochistan and should look into the matter with their own eyes and take a profound look over the ordeal of Pakistani establishment with Baloch nation, we Baloch always have demanded for the international communities but now see this that they don’t want any moderate or human loving people to even come here and investigate, look over to the devastated land where Pakistani army and agencies operated against innocent Baloch not even a single foreigner is allowed to enter that forbidden area, they don’t let tourist take a look over to the coastal belts of Balochistan because they know that the foreigner looking over the standard of living condition of Baloch nation will take up this issue that how a nation has been systematically over driven in the backward era.

Now the construction of this Consulate will surely open up some hidden facts, we Baloch always have said and demanded for America to come and see the living condition of Baloch how they are being targeted and suppressed by this treacherous State, If we Baloch were socialist or were supportive of development, all these ideologies have came from Europe itself, If we took the ideologies of Marx then Marx doesn’t belong to Peshawar, he was a German, he was a big economist, we have seen the humanitarian inside his ideologies that is why we followed him.

We have seen his theory over socialism that he described religious never lets society to keep on developing, but we have seen this that the remission period which was done in Europe through that period religion was divided from the state and now when we see the development in European society or the West it was because religious matters were divided from the states, these theory uloom, theory fanon and theories of understanding all were taken from the West from their enlightenment period. Now if we take a look over to that era when Russia was a block, we liked that block and we are not embarrass as being a human I will say this that globalization, privatization, and this is a new liberalism, if a society is created with grace and morality to humanity then these nuclear and armed weapons which were created to destroy the human lives with million and billions of spending supposed were used for the prosperity of humanity and if they were utilized for human nourishment and sheltering and were used for the better infrastructure of a state, I would say that science have succeeded in so many ways that after all this, the earth would have became a heaven for humans.

This all was because of Europe we accept this ideology, I would say that this ideology, this enlightenment which has escalated in Europe I wish it to come to our Country Balochistan, we are still backward by 500 years before Europe and why is that?, a journalist like yourself once asked Veldewunar that who his he inspired with, his answer was “I am not inspired by anyone if I am inspired with anyone it is the remission period that 500 years before here church, religion every time used religion as a tactic in politics of the state, when remission period came it destroyed the relationship between religion with the state politics and demolished the role of religion in the state affairs. We are still being used by religion which has upper hand in our politics, these Talibanization, these mujahideen, and these intelligence securities they are still brainwashing that if we don’t do anything to serve Islam then we are sure to go in hell, now in this state these religious organizations have thrown us in hell.

Today these organization don’t let younger children to have education, you bombard their schools, you tell young girls to veil their faces, Are these humans? Is this there feeling? Is this their fundamental rights?, Is this their human rights? This all created by those who are fundamentalist, who are extremist and are ruling both Iran and Pakistan, they have to destroy this system. We Baloch plead the West that like you 500 years before you were also lost in this kind of chaos, religious was used by coup, Now I will say that the use of religion by Pakistani establishment or the Pakistani leaders like Muslim League, Jamat-e-Islami or in Iran the Shiaism, they are outdated things, they are disgraceful, I will not condemn religion, it is a individual problem of every person, it is with me and my god but if you involve it in the state policies (Like the Pakistani Foreign Policy) and amend it in the State Constitution, Now what the democracy says about whose the owner of Presidency ship, it is the public but who is the owner of presidency ship in Pakistan it is God, God’s Place but where is God, ISI is the self proclaimed God of Pakistan. On the other side Iran is also like this there they created a Guardian Group that they will investigate in every matter like the selection of Parliament members, the selection goes like the member didn’t committed any religious crimes but the Selectors are all thieves they themselves committed most of the crimes.

Four or Fives misguided people took hold all the offices of a state and run the affairs according to their principle orders, Sir! They are outdated, they are history and they are tricking us because it is a shameful thing that in Iran there seated Mullah’s with black cloth over their heads handle and control the democracy and it is also shameful to us that whenever they get a chance they put up a man in front and accuse him of being a Taliban, who will proof that this man is a pious and religious person, no one because he’s a thief who was disguise as a religious person was ordered to cast chaos and bloodshed and this was all done by the orders of Pakistani agencies and Establishment and they have captured the region and turned it upside down into a cemetery, they are always busy with new tactics like bombarding Indian cities, making big issues inside Kashmir, and the big pick center and the threads of these credits goes to one force and this force is using the religion as a tool.

GC: What you want Baloch to do, if the USA or any other willing moderate nation wants to construct their consulate and are trying to get deep rooted with Baloch, what is Baloch nation hoping in this time?

KAA: It is our own policies, and I wont discuss it, But I would say this that every moderate nation who wants to visit will surely witness the Pakistani created condition for Baloch nation, they would look to the atrocities, they will witness their wrongdoings, all the moderate forces who wants to come in Balochistan, we Baloch accept them and will welcome them but they should not just look into their own interest they should also take a profound research over the atrocities, done by Pakistan on Us. They oppressed us and now are exploiting our natural resources, they should also investigate that we are suppressed nation who are being blackmailed by the use of power. They have nuclear power, they have deadliest Taliban force, they have Suicide bombers and we as a suppressed nation who are the owners of all this natural wealth are living a life of a refugee. Our whole nation who were repressed and tortured, Bombarded our towns even for the proof we have the Red Cross statement that 85 thousand have been displaced from their homes, but if a single person is displaced in Afghanistan the United Nation request to other countries to settle them in their boundaries, not even this if anyone in this whole world is displaced from their homes, the same United Nation and even America ask the other countries to settle this refugees that the lives of these refugees are at stake, and for this I want to tell United Nation and America that where are your statements for Baloch displaced people, why the double standard games.

In Kabul if they bombard a town then you take the case to EU and asked the European countries to give them asylum but in Balochistan these 85 thousand and maybe more are malnourished with no food, no shelters and are begging for help, and in our Balochi culture we take it as a shame that we beg to someone but I would say this that God promise I saw my own fellow Bugti Baloch in Karachi or elsewhere in rural Sindh why they put blindfolds when it comes to Baloch, If America is keen to open up the consulate without the Blindfold and if it comes and witnesses the Bloodshed and atrocities over us by Pakistan then we Baloch welcome them with open arms and we Baloch will welcome all the European countries but they should do justice with us, we are being humiliated and disgraced.

We are not powerless nation, if we have our own country then our per-capita would be far more then these European countries, we would compete with Switzerland with over Gold, Copper, Gas, Uranium and this biggest coastal belt but we have been suppressed, we have all the basic natural resources but all the revenues from them goes to Punjab and Punjabi nation prosper from our resources and if they take this point that we are suppressed and subjugated with all those resources then we Baloch welcome all the worlds power “COME AND TAKE A LOOK AT IT YOURSELF” but if they come to have their interest then they will bring a new problem, If they take our case and do justice with it than I will gladly welcome that with our hearts, this is all Baloch nation want, we want the them to intervene according to the humanitarian laws. It is a humanitarian law that whenever a nation is being subjugated, their society exploited, their annihilation as nation is done and human rights abuses are in great rise then they intervene but I want to say this that I am very much shocked that neither the Europe nor America has shown any sign of intervention and not even the United nation has played any role in this, and I know this also that they are not keen to enlighten our cause of us being tortured and suffering from oppression, and so I plead Europe, America & United Nation that the cause of Balochistan for which there have been so many sacrifices, the atrocities and torture happening, so much discrimination have been done they should on the accounts of humanity should intervene and should wake up from day dreaming, We Baloch will be very thankful to them, we will support and be with them in every way.

Translated By Diagoh Murad
Gwank Report 15-May-2010

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