Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Body of Balochistan lawyer allegedly killed by Pakistan's Military Intelligence found

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Occupied Balochistan,QUETTA:The body of a lawyer from the Balochistan capital of Quetta, who was abducted by Pakistan's Military Intelligence last month was found from the nearby town of Mastung Sunday evening.

Zaman Khan Marri, a lawyer at the Balochistan High Court, was abducted from outside his law practice office at regal Chambers in downtown Quetta on August 18.

Lawyers in Balochistan boycotted court proceedings for three days in a row to protest the abduction of the Russia-educated lawyer.

"This is a scare tactic. A test to see how the Baloch will react," Balochistan national hero Hyrbyair Marri said on phone from London.

He accused the Military Intelligence, paramilitary Frontier Corp and other security agencies of waging a dirty war against the Baloch people.

Marri said Islamabad has thrown the Geneva Conventions and all international protocols to safeguard human rights and rule of law in Balochistan to the winds. "They are brazenly committing war crimes against the Baloch people," he added.

Marri regretted the apathy of the international community, in particular the United Nations and the International Committee for the Red Cross, on the situation in Balochistan.

"The international community is not doing enough. They are silent to our miseries, the Baloch people have a right to take matters in their own hands," Marri said.

"The heinous crimes of Pakistan against Baloch youths show no sign of abating in Balochistan," says Archen Kaleer, A Baloch nationalist based in the Persian Gulf.

He said Marri has become the latest victim of Lt Gen Saleem Nawaz, the Butcher of Baloch youths, who is the chief or inspector general of the Frontier Corp.

Initially, a paper organization called the Addozai Qaumi Itttehad, had claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Marri. But later the leaders of the Addozai tribe, who inhabit a huge expanse of land in and around Kandahar, said they have nothing to do with Marri's abductions.

Pakistan's intelligence agencies are involved in psychological warfare against the Baloch freedom movement and are using a number of bogus front offices to crush them.

In recent weeks, the Baloch Mussalah Diffa Tanzim, Sipah-i-Shuhada and Ansarul Islam have owned the killing of Baloch freedom fighters and nationalist political activists.

This is not the first time Pakistan army used such tactics. During the 1971 war, Pakistan army employed Al Shams and Al Badr to crush the liberation movement in Bangladesh.

The DC-based American Friends of Balochistan had informed Manfred Nowak, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture; Jeremy Sarkin, U.N. Working Group on Involuntary and Enforced Disappearances; Felice D. Gaer, member, U.N. Committee on Torture; Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch; T. Kumar, Amnesty International; Mary Aileen Bacalso, Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances about the kidnapping of Zaman Khan Marri.

Unfortunately, Press reports suggest corruption is rampant at the United Nations, while bureaucracy mars the work of international organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

"These crimes are being perpetrated under a systematic genocide scheme, which sees to eliminate Baloch nation’s energetic youths, so that they could continue their Jihad of loot and plunder in Balochistan and nurture a jihadist state at the cost of Baloch blood," Kaleer wrote on the "balochi_culture" Yahoo discussion group.

The slain lawyer, son of Mehrab Khan Marri, was in his early 40s.

London-based human rights activist Faiz Baluch, who is now a member of the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, was obtaining the exact details of his case to have it registered with the U.N. Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances.

The fate of a second Baloch lawyer, Munir Ahmed Mirwani,, who is the secretary general of the Jhalawan Bar Association and was kidnapped at gunpoint in Khuzdar on June 17,is still unknown.

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