Thursday, 9 September 2010

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth

By Ali Baluch

Rehman Malik said Lashkar-i-Jhangvi is behind the Quetta and Lahore blasts. It is going to out of control if not crushed immediately.“We have to break up the triangle of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and Al-Qaeda on war footing basis because without this peace cannot be restored.”Rehman Malik has said that he was been given a task by Prime Minister to revive peace process in Balochistan like the one in Karachi where according to him peace had been restored.

“I have come here to evolve a strategy and use force where needed in Balochistan,” he added.

This is not something new for Baloch nation, it is happening since day one of the illegal occupation of Balochistan. Pakistani occupying forces are killing, displacing and abducting people from time to time; faces and tactics changed too. The recent blast on shi'te gathering is committed by ISI wing Lashkar-e-jangvi. Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik in media showed the Western powers that government will crush the Lashkar-e jangvi and Taleban hideouts but in reality they have prepared a worse plan of Baloch genocide and in a result all victims will be labelled as Lashkar e Jangvi or Taleban in order to get billions of dollars from US and other Western powers in the name of so called “War on terror”. A war that Pakistan has initiated has been benefitting from it.

Rehman Malik, has threatened to take action against the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and the Baloch Students Organization (BSO) using brute force to “crush” those outfits as he held both the organizations responsible for increasing number of target killings in Balochistan.

The objectives of Baloch Students Organisation (BSO) are:
*encouraging educational and academic activities among the Baloch youth
*increasing national awareness among the Baloch masses
*clarifying ideological ambiguities and confusions in Baloch politics
*conducting research on various aspects of Baloch nationalism, culture, history, geography, archeology, anthropology etc. which are still in dark
*helping the writers to publish and distribute their books
*promoting Balochi/Brahui language and literature
*publishing periodicals and journals on regular intervals in order to encourage new readers and writers
*countering state-propaganda against the Baloch national struggle
*making the international community aware of the acts human rights violation in Balochistan by the state authorities. 

Because of clear stand ''BSO'' is under target of Pakistani state terrorist outfits ISI/MI and many new names such as Ansar-ul-Islam, Mosallah Defaee Tanzeem, Gheratmand Tanzeem, Sipah Shaudaye Balochistan in Balochistan and the so called People's Aman Comittee etc in Karachi

1-Zakir Majeed Baloch the senior voice chairman of BSO(Azad).Zakir Majeed Baloch, 27, and a Master’s student in English from Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences, was abducted by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies from Mastung Balochistan, on 8th of June, 2009.His family is still on hunger strike of consecutive 121 days, but no efforts made by authorities for the safe release of Zakir Majeed and thousands of other missing persons.

2-The cultural event of BSO in Khuzdar attacked by Pakistani military forces dozens injured numbers of martyred

3--Attacks on BSO (Azad) members in different universities and colleges of Punjab dozens injured by Punjabis under the shadow of military intelligence.

4-Abduction and torture of Noora Baloch another member of BSO(Azad) Lahore zone.Physically and mentally tortured by Pakistani military agencies also pressurised to publically announce Zakir Majeed is not in the custody of security forces otherwise he will be killed too like many others.

5-Attacks on BSO (Azad) members in Lyari Karachi by the Rehman Malik's PPP’s [Pakistan Peoples’ Party the present ruling party in Pakistan] militant outfit People's Aman Comittee.

In presence of Pakistani occupying forces resistance is ultimate and inevitable. Baloch are fighting against the illegal occupation, occupying forces, spies at all fronts. Baloch are not terrorising anyone but defending their Baloch Nation and Baloch land from foreign invaders. It universal law that when people are under attack they will certainly resist and according to their capability try to defend themselves. That’s why Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and other Baloch resistance Organisations adopted the arm struggle in response to the Pakistan’s barbaric acts of mass killing of Baloch civilians such as defenceless women, children and general public in an indiscriminate manner.

Those who are killed are security forces and Pakistani spies because Pakistan military is using common working class settlers as their informants to keep an eye on the activities of Baloch pro-Independent activists. Balochistan is a place where Human Right Organisations and Media (National and International) are not allowed to visit the war torn areas. The presence of Pakistani regular armed force has turned Balochistan into a military garrison. I am compelled to ask one question; why ordinary settlers such as barber, labourer, and welder are being allowed in such a war zone?? Those who are targeted for sure they have affiliations with security forces. That is why whenever any so called settler get killed the Pakistan army buries them with full military salutation. Security analysts believe that using non-Baloch settlers is a part of Pakistan’s dirty war and an attempt to provoke other Nations against Balochistan people liberation struggle.

Replying to a question, he (Rehman Malik) said that he was ready to probe allegations about secret agencies’ hand in the disappearance of Baloch citizens. However, he said that according to his information, many people who had been reported to be missing were actually living in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

Approximately 8000 Baloch have been abducted by Pakistan’s military and Intelligence agencies (ISI, MI, FIB). The Baloch political prisoners are not only suffering extreme tortures at the hand their Pakistani official abductor but recently they have started to kill them in cold-blood. In span of less than a month the Pakistani security forces have killed around 20 Baloch detainees in custody and dumped their bodies in deserted areas in and around Quetta. Behram Baloch a leader of Baloch Student Organisation (azaad) who suffered inhuman torture at the hand of Pakistan army has revealed that an Army Major not only threaten to kill him but he actually admitted of killing Baloch detainees in captivity.

This clearly contrary to what Rehman Malik has said in his press conference. This clearly shows the Pakistan Military and PPP’s intentions to kill and capture more innocent Baloch. Instead of recovery Baluch abducted political activists Rehman Malik is actually justifying their brutal murder at the hand of intelligence agencies of Pakistan. No matter what Rehma Malik says to deceive the International Community and the leftist Pakistanis; in eyes of Baloch Nation he is a liar, a murder and a criminal who is committing crimes that tantamount to war crimes. That is why Baloch Diaspora should contact The International Criminal Court to register their protest against criminal like Rehman Malik and the heads of Pakistan’s armed forces. Had the Baloch abducted political activist gone to in Dubai, Saudi or anywhere else as per claim of Rehman Malik today the Baloch people would not have been receiving their bullet riddled bodies one after another. 

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