Monday, 20 September 2010

Pakistan-Iran Joint Military Operation in Balochistan,two Baloch martyred

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Occupied Balochistan:Pakistani and Iranian forces are carrying out a joint military offensive in the Mand tehsil of Turbat district and surrounding areas from last two days.The local people reported that the continues attack and shelling by both Pakistani and Iranian security forces have created an atmosphere of insecurity and tension in the region. Many people are besieged in their houses and are facing difficulty to continue their daily normal life.

Two innocent Baloch youths martyred in the deadliest operation launched by Pakistan and Iran.The victims were identified as Tariq and Abdullah.The dead bodies of both victims were received by the leaders of ‘’Baloch National Front’’ ,later both buried in the local graveyard in presence of hundreds of freedom loving activists.The graveyard echoed with slogans in favour of Baloch freedom fighters,afterwards the flag of Azaad Balochistan hoisted on the graves of both martyrs.

This is not the first time when two of countries are jointly conducting an operation against Baloch nation.Last year on ‘’ 21 august 2009’’ Iranian forces have fired over 50 rockets into the bordering town of Mashkail which killed three women and injured two other innocent civilians. The co-operation of Shah-e-Iran Raza Shah Pahlavi with Z.A Bhutto to crush the Baloch Uprising in 1973-77, when the Shah of Iran provided Pakistan with cobra helicopters, Iranian pilots and $700 million dollar in cash. The current Shia Regime of Ahamdinejad which is providing logistic support to the Punjabi Pakistan once again to crush the Baloch freedom struggle.

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