Friday, 1 October 2010

The Drastic Situation in Dera Bugti, Balochistan

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Occupied Balochistan,DERA BUGTI:Leader of Baloch Republican Party Siresh Bugti recently gave a statement in which he specified the drastic situation of Dera Bugti where recently Pakistani army is engaged in a door to door operation, harassing the unarmed civilians in the district of sui. According to him many civilians were arrested and taken to unknown places, he said that every house has been targeted in this search operation where forces are busy harassing the Baloch women and children.

He further stated that the so called Islamic state of Pakistan from the beginning started the genocide of Baloch nation. He said that Baloch activists are being killed and thrown in deserted places but the human rights organizations don’t even see us as human, as right now their loveable army is pulling out every young or old Baloch from sui to their torture house.

According to him in Sui a mole of Pakistani army named Ghulam Qadir and company has build up private jails where the Baloch liberation seekers are kept for torture treatment. He emphasized that Dera Bugti has become a breeding ground of torture and severe human rights violation are taken here on this very land of sui, he further stated that Pakistani forces and Pakistani Lashkar (Pakistan Created Baloch Lashkar) have been busy to make sui a hotbed of extremism against Baloch nation. He ended his statement by saluting the martyred that were tortured and killed by Pakistani forces.

It is to be noted here that an audio recording (A full proof) taken by gwank with the man Qadir Buksh also emphasized the name Ghulam Qadir and company has being a loyal force to Pakistani army and are running a torture house in Dera Bugti, Sui. The article can be found here Complete Story

Baloch nation and all the Baloch nationalist Parties are very much concern over the recent killings of missing persons but what concern Baloch nation more is why the international powers are silent over the genocide of Baloch nation. This question may spark an answer which Baloch nation has already written “That the international powers are blind and deaf because of Pakistan’s fake War on Terror Drama”.

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