Monday, 8 March 2010

Protest for the release of Abdul Malik Regi

Karachi: Baloch political activist protested against the arrest of the leader of ‘Jandullah’ now BPRM Mr Abdul Malik Regi and demanded his immediate release, Malik Regi was arrest at the end of February and he has been accused for carrying out violent attacks against Iranian security forces. However, a Baloch political party “Baloch Right Council” says that Regi is the leader of Baloch Resistance Movement in Iranian occupied Balochistan and he was struggling for the rights of Baloch people.

Activists of Baloch Rights Council protested in front of Karachi press club to demand the release of Abdul Malik Regi. The protesters were holding pictures of Malik Regi and difference placards. The protesters chanted slogans against Iran and in favour of Regi. The protest demonstration has also strongly condemned the attacks on Baloch Students in Khuzdar.

Iran has claimed to have arrested Regi when he was going Kirghizstan via Dubai on 23, February this year. The Iranian government alleges that Regi was wanted for violent attacks on Iranian security forces in Western Balochistan. Where as a leader of Baloch Rights Council Ishaq Azaad Baloch not only rubbishes Iran’s claims but argues that Regi is not a religious extremist but he is a Baloch freedom fighter.

According Ishaq Azad they (Baloch) are demanding for Independent and greater Balochistan. He said no matter if their occupier was Pakistan, Iran or even Afghanistan they want their freedom and he considers Regi as a Baloch leader. The Iranian flag was set on fire in the Baloch Rights Council protest. They Baloch activists demanded that Iran and Pakistan must stop genocide of Baloch people and they also demanded the release of all forced-disappeared Baloch.

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