Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Khan Suleman Dawood's (Khan of Kalat) message of Unity

My Dear Baluch, we are at the crossroads of history where we can either become an independent country or be amongst nations which have perished and are long forgotten. My message to you is the message of UNITY. Let us unite as Baluch on the common policy of freedom for the Baluch. Let us send a message to the world that we are one Nation. Let us draw a road map to freedom; I invite all organisations, intellectuals and Sardars to join for the common cause of the Baluch nation and get over the squabbles among ourselves and move in the interest of Baluch and Baluchistan; all the Baluch have a stake in Baluchistan it does not belong to one group or tribe, it belongs to all the Baluch. The Council has full mandate to choose its own leadership. The task of the Council is to rise against the atrocities imposed on us by our oppressors, time has come for us to overcome ego and self interest and unite as a Nation.

As a single, united and strong Nation no one can impose their will upon us. We face a ruthless enemy; indeed our own history and history of Bangladesh is testimony to the ruthless nature of our oppressor. Army can defeat armies and organisations but it can never defeat a Nation.

The international companies are making a lot of investments in the Baluch resources. We the Baluch think it a theft and we have all the right as the sons of the soil to oppose this kind of theft and we will defend our resources’ at all costs. The international community is informed that we the Baluch are NOT obliged to honour any deal made with the oppressors. As we the Baluch are the owner of these resources

We are not against investment; on the contrary, we welcome international investment in a free environment in which the Baluch nation and the Baluch benefit. We realise that we have to live in a global community. We hope to do as an independent sovereign people and nation. We all attending will make it possible today inshallah and this is going to be the beginning of a new dawn for the Baluch nation.

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