Saturday, 20 March 2010

Two Marri Baloch abducted by Pakistani agencies from Hazarganji

Occupied Balochistan: Two Marri Baloch abducted by Pakistani agencies and shifted to unknown location from hazarganji here on Wednesday afternoon.
According to sources, Master Sanam Hussain Marri and Ghulam Hussain/so Abdul Qadir marri were abducted by Pakistani agencies, when they were going back home after visiting their relatives in New Kahan Hazaraganji. Both the Marri Balochs are resident of Sindh. They were here to visit their relatives. Said sources.

It is worth mentioning that, Hundreds of Marri Balochs has been abducted from Hazargnaji and taken to unknown location by Pakistani agencies and security forces. And thousands of Baloch from different parts of Balochistan. No one knows about their whereabouts and have no information whether they alive or dead. The abduction of innocent Balochs by pakistani agencies and forces is continue from last 10 ten years in Pakistani occupied Balochistan.

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