Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BNF calls for Balochistan wide shutter-down and wheel jam on 27 March

Occupied Balochistan: BNF ‘the unity of Baloch pro-independent parties’ has called on Baloch Nation to join the wheel jam and shutter down protest on 27 March “on this day independent state of Balochistan was occupied at gun point”. Baloch every year observe this day as a day of mourning and grief against the illegal occupation of Baloch land.

In a meeting Dr Basheer Azeem of BRP, Khalil Baloch of BNM, Zahid Baloch of BSO-azaad and Qayum Baloch of Baloch Bar have announced wheel jam and shutter down strike on 27 March. They appealed all other Baloch political parties, student Organisations and the Baloch Nation to join the strike to express their anger against the forced occupation of Balochistan. The committee has advised the member parties of BNF and their members to make necessary arrangements for the protest in advance.

The committee has also announced that on 3 April there will be a public gathering in Gwader in the memory of Martyrs of Murghab (G.M Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch).

Some dates: 01 August 1947 the constitution of the state of Kalat (Balochistan) was written for implementation.
11 August 1947 the administrations of upcoming Pakistan and the British recognised Balochistan as an Independent state.
12 August 1947 the Khan of Kalat (ruler of Balochistan) formally announced Baluchistan’s Independence.
13 August 1947 the New York Times printed the world map where Balochistan was shown as a sovereign state.
27 March 1948 two Pakistani navy ships arrived to Pasni & Gevani under command of General Gulzar Ahmad in order to attack and invade Balochistan; of course Gulzar Ahmad was ordered by Mr Jinnah after both the houses of Balochistan parliament had refused to join Pakistan on the bases of shared religion. At the time of attack the Balochistan parliament (Houses of Common and Houses of Lords) were not even given a chance to discuss on how to respond to this massive brutal attack.

Courtesy of dates taken from book: "Baluchistan-Pakistan occupation" by Abdul Rehman brahui.

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