Saturday, 29 August 2009

Asaap and Baloch Journalist, victim of Pakistan State’s suppression

In every modern society, news papers and journalists are backbone of freedom of expression. The state of affair for journalism and newspaper publication in Balochistan is far from any norm and standard due to aggressive policies of occupying states of Pakistan and Iran against Baloch people

Publication of the Daily Assap in Urdu was a remarkable beginning in the journalistic era of Balochistan. It aimed to cover and highlights Balochistan issues, hence encountered on numerous occasions, direct intimidation by Pakistani ISI and other suppressive agencies. On 23rd Feb 2009, Pakistani agencies made a direct assassination on Asaap’s editor in Chief Mr Jan Mohd Dashti. He suffered serious injuries by fired bullets, but was fortunate to survive.

On 18th Aug 2009 the Pakistan Frontier Corps in Balochistan besieged Asaap office in Quetta with Artillery Tank and large number of uniformed and plain-cloth personnel. The Pakistani State curtailed the activities of Asaap journalists by presence of FC and by intimidation of Asaap employees. Sadly the Asaap was forced to stop publication and shut its office. Unfortunately the closure of Daily Asaap did not master sufficient criticism to deter further suppression of freedom in Balochistan.

As it was warned by Baloch journalist Mr Malik Siraj Akbar, it is a beginning to target Baloch news papers. On Friday 22nd Aug 2009 once again the Pakistani Frontier Corps in Quetta, besieged offices of two more Baloch news papers as they deemed pro-Baloch by Pakistan. The Pakistani Frontier Corps in Quetta following its success in closure of Daily Asaap by intimidation, making the same attempts to force closure on English newspaper Daily Balochistan Express and Urdu paper Daily Azadi, both published by Siddique Baloch.

Baloch journalist Mr Malik Siraj Akbar who has been writing on Balochistan is also being targeted for revealing the tense and oppressive situation in Balochistan. The Pakistani State is engaged in a systematic manner of suppression and oppression of Baloch people and Baloch media.

Balochistan National Movement (Balochistan Raji Zrombesh) strongly condemns Pakistan for the policies of intimidation and suppression of Baloch media in Balochistan. Balochistan National Movement seeks support of journalists and defenders of freedom of expression thorough-out the World for existence of a free Baloch media, and seeks their support to join us in condemnation of Pakistan for curtailing Baloch media.

Balochistan National Movement recognises that Daily Asaap, Daily Balochistan Express, Daily Azadi and Baloch Journalists are victims of Pakistan State’s suppression. Iran and Pakistan are occupying invaders in Balochistan; therefore they see no limit to their oppression on Baloch people. The Baloch struggle for freedom demands from Baloch forces to be concerned on our surrounding issues let it be today Asaap, Balochistan Express, Mr Malik Siraj Akbar or faith of disappearing Baloch.

Balochistan National Movement (Balochistan Raji Zrombesh)

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