Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Makuran Operation intensified, Shutter down and wheel jam in Makuran and protest rallies in Quetta and Karachi

Occupied Baluchistan, Makuran: The Pakistani military has intensified its military offensives in the surrounding areas of Kech and Gwader. According to details the state military is carrying out a grand operation in the Mountainous areas of Dasht Baluchistan, including Talar, Katerinz, Saeyjee, Darrwar, Thump. The sources said that Pakistani army fighter planes have started bombing the mountainous area between Thump and Blangoor which is called Gwanzag Koh, in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The Pakistani occupying forces have also besieged the Hasareeg, Chati, Zarren bog and Bashmoli’s mountain ranges. The military have occupied water ways and ponds and they are preventing the public from fetching water for their daily use. The survival of the people in those areas depends on the natural streams. The Pakistani state armed forces have also completely blocked all the internal and external ways to the above mentioned regions. According to reports published on daily Intekhab locals have said that they have heard the sounds of heavy weapons and bombardment all day, Tuesday.

There have also been reports of indiscriminate bombardment on the huts and villages of nomads. It should be noted that Pakistani military had surrounded and launched an operation in Dasht and adjourning areas here on Tuesday morning and until the filing of this early Wednesday the operation was still continued.

Meanwhile Baluch pro-independent parties affiliated with BNF (Baluch National Front) have took out protest rallies and held demonstration in several regions of Turbat, Quetta and Baluch populated areas in Karachi against the second day of military operation in the surroundings of Ketch and Gwader. Shutter down and wheel jam was also observed in many areas of the region on the call of BNF and BSO-azaad. The BNF and BSO-azaad leaders strongly condemned the Pakistani military of committing gross human rights violations. They said that Pakistan was fearful of Baluch freedom movement and every Baluch in Makuran seems a freedom fighter to them, hence the military started its barbaric acts in Makuran belt.

The Baluch student and political parties have urged the International Community including the UN and other Humanitarian Organisations to take notice of the Pakistani state atrocities against the people of Makuran, Baluchistan.

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