Monday, 7 June 2010

BNF appeals International Aid Agencies and Baluch Nation to help flood victims

Occupied Baluchistan: The Baluch National Front in a statement said that Baluchistan coastal areas of Gwader, Jeevani, Panwan, Pishkan, Gunz, Pasni, Shabi, Turbat, Dasht, Thump, Mand, Awaran, Lasbela, Sonmiyani, Gaddani and Hab has been strongly hit by the cyclone “Phet”. The statement also condemned the government for not taking precautionary steps to insure the security of people saying that “the government knew weeks earlier that Baluchistan’s coastal belt was in danger of flood but they did not make any essential arrangement for the safety of peoples’ lives and properties”.

According to BNF statement several houses and shops have collapsed due to torrential rains and heavy flood. Several bridges and road have been washed away due to which road connections with Makuran have been cut off; people are stranded in coaches and suffering form thirst and starvation. Thousands of Baluch are living under open sky in a time when more rains are expected.

The statemen further alleged that Pakistani gunships are busy carrying out a military operation in Makuran instead of helping the victims of flood. The so called elected representatives are living in save houses of Islamabad and in the posh region of Karachi. They said that Baluch have been facing Natural and state disasters from past 60 years, hence they are trying on their own to overcome this disaster as well.

They said that the International community should take notice of Pakistan’s continuing atrocities in Baluchistan and for ignoring the Baluch flood victims. The BNF statement also strongly criticised Pakistani electronic media for not reporting about Baluchistan flood affected areas. They alleged that when there was water on the road of Karachi the media (TV channels) were showing it again and again and covering every moment and development of the rain but in Baluchistan thousands of properties have been flooded and the Pakistani media is completely silent.

They BNF appealed all those Baluch who have not been affected by the flood to go to the rescue of their brothers and sisters and help the “Baluch flood victims” in every possible way that you can.

Baloch warna and Baloch Land also appeal to the Baluch capitalists in Sindh, Baluchistan and elsewhere in world to help Baluchistan flood victims in any way you can. We also urge the the well-off Baluch politicians whether in government or in opposition, whether in Baluchistan or abroad to help generously your brothers in need. We suggest it is best to establish direct contacts with the Baluch Rilief Organisations in Baluchistan to make sure your help reaches the people who need it.

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