Monday, 21 June 2010

AbdolMalk has joined the Baluch legends

By Dodiae Rawaj

The Iranian Islamic regime murdered Abdolmalek Rigi on June 20, 2010. AbdolMalk was betrayed by friends, people who he trusted. He was handed over to the Iranian. Rigi had created horror in the heart and mind of Tehran’s fundamentalist regime. The flight from God knows where to where, was the public relation exercise by revolutionary guard. The Iranian revolution guard needed to restore the moral of the Persian solders inside Baluchistan that have been beaten many times. Every time the Iranian revolutionary guard encountered Jundullah they lost, Iranian had no hope to capture Rigi alive. It was not hiding Imam Solders who had delivered AbdolMalk, but patrol, oil dollars come to the Shiite hiding Imam Rescue.

AbdoMalk will be remembered by his enemies and friends for different reasons. He brought horror to his enemies and comfort in the heart of his admirers. Baluch remember him because he was fearless and proved that Persian forces are not invisible. AbdolMalk has joined the Baluch legends; he will be a source of aspiration for many Baluch and the other oppressed nation, a life in slavery is not worth living. His mother scarified three sons, defending motherland and family dignity and Baluch honour, he is stainless. He earned highest moral honour.

The Iranian has not got an Independent judiciary system or tribunal, AbdolMalk was presented to mob and Mob killed him. The Rigi’s hanging was for public amusement, it was a kind of an exhibition. It is a disgrace that the International and intergovernmental organisation are not condemning in the way they should have done it, some international and intergovernmental organisation only pay the lips service to the inhumane treatment of Baluch by Iranian Regime.

Baluch are not a drug trafficker and Baluch have no link with the Jihadi fundamentalists groups. Baluch have not got a power to make policies that their policies are in favour of drug dealer or they let Jihadi to use their territories. It has been established around the world that Baluch are the secular minded people. If there were an element of fundamentalist which brought to Baluch communities, Baluch will not shy away from confronting it.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the Persian reporting on Baluchistan. According to some report there are five million opium users in Tehran I am very certain by that report account the opium trade is bigger than coca cola or more profitable than car manufacturing in Tehran, again revolution guard have monopoly over the most profitable businesses, why on the earth revolutionary guard would let the Baluch to do it. This is character assassination exercises by majority Persian dominated Iran against Baluch. Heroin was introduced to Baluch community by head of revolutionary guard in Sistan Baluchistan, and Kerman, Qlambur and Rezai in 1979.

Persian journalist should stop the characters assassination of Baluch nation. Baluch are the victim of Tehran fundamentalist regime as well as drug and unemployment.

Sistan and Baluchistan is the poorest province of Iran, Baluch are not belong to the Shiite sect of Islam, Baluch are not Persian, they are culturally, linguistically, historically different from the rest of Iranian. To Baluch Iranian are occupying their land, humiliating them in public.

To say words Baluch and Baluchistan is crime, the person can be persecuted.

The Baluch are resisting the occupation of their land by alien forces.

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