Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Baloch leader denies visiting Pakistan

LONDON: A Baluch leader denounced reports and rumours that he secretly visited Islamabad to hold talks with the Pakistani authorities. Mehran Baloch told The News that such rumours were a ploy and a crude attempt towards his character assassination. He said he was committed to the principles and goals of his father, who has been advocating the Independence and stood firmly by his demand for the liberation of Baluchistan. He said from last ten years he was trying to educate about Baluchistan’s Independence on International level.

Earlier Press reports and rumourmongers suggested that Mehran had visited Islamabad, along with former senator Sanaullah Baloch, who is a leader of the Balochistan National Party and considered very close to Sardar Ataullah Mengal. Many of the rumormongers claimed that they even know the flight number, ticket number and seat number of Mehran Baluch about his alleged visit to Pakistan.

“I have no authority to conduct talks with anyone. My only demand is complete Military pull out from Baluchistan. Nawab Akbar Bugti, My brother Balach Marri and thousands of other Baluch martyrs have sacrificed their live for a noble cause. Today also brave Baluch sons of soil are giving sacrifices for Baluchistan and thousand of Baluch are facing inhuman torture in the secret prisons of enemy” he remarked. According Mr Mehran’s point of view the only revenge of the exploitation of Baluch wealth and the unprecedented human right violations against the people of Baluch is the establishment of an Independent Baluchistan and complete pull out of Pakistani military from Baluch land. He further said negotiations and so called relief packages cannot be an alternative to the liberation of Baluchistan.

Meanwhile Mr Baluch has met Navanethem Pilla, the UN high commissioner for Human Right and informed him that how Pakistan was trying to suppress the Baluch voice on International level. The UN high Commissioner was keen to know more about Baluchistan issue and assured Mehran to have a meeting with him in near further to discuss Baluchistan issue in details.

Mehran also met Maria Todd the deputy secretary of British mission and brought it to her notice that how Musharraf pressurised the British authorities to have him arrested. Whereas his brother Hyrbyair Marri, and friend Faiz Baluch were arrested and imprisoned in Belmarsh prison in the UK.

Musharraf government had pressurised the British authorities to have him (Mehran) and Hyrbyair Marri deported to Pakistan in exchange for British terror suspect Rashid Rauf. He also informed Maria Todd that Pakistan government has tried to suspend the membership of Interfaith International from the UN Human Rights Council; through this Organisation Mehran said he was exposing the atrocities and human rights violation by Pakistan against the people of Baluchistan.

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