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International community should intervene in Makuran Balochistan, against the new wave of violence by Pakistan Army

Appeals from Asian Human Rights Commission and Sagaar (BSO-azaad's official website):Toronto, June 1, 2010- Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) expressed its deepest concerns over the new wave of gross human rights violations committed by the Pakistani army soldiers in the Makaran region of Balochistan. BHRC has learnt through local sources and press statements of Baloch National Movement (BNM) central leadership that within the last couple of days there has been a significant movement of Pakistani troops in the area of district Gwadar and Dasht. A heavy contingent of military including 80 trucks carrying soldiers, 40 armoured vehicles, artillery, 8 gunship helicopters, and 20 water supplying tankers are reportedly part of the first wave of troop deployment in the region. There is news of more troops on the way to join the military operation.

Sources have confirmed that the Dasht townships of Zaren Bog, Mollai Negwar, Palani Bazaar, Ziarati, Hasadeg, Hor, Chateg, Doro Kandag, and the surrounding villages and tent settlements are under siege by the army. Reports coming in from the area stated that the soldiers have complete control of the meager water resources and have blocked all access to the local population. The livestock has been confiscated in the service of the soldiers and a large number was slaughtered to starve the inhabitants. Sources mentioned that people are not allowed to leave their homes even in case of a medical emergency.

There have been reported incidents of artillery fire directed at the civilian residential areas while gunship helicopters hovered over the towns. According to witnesses, incidents of aerial bombardment of villages have taken place and the fear of casualties is growing, complicated by the military blockade and denial of access to media and medical personnel. An unconfirmed number of youth has been taken away by the soldiers and their whereabouts are yet unknown. So far, names of two abducted persons have been confirmed, which are Mr. Sadiq Ismail, resident of Bal Negwar near Turbat and Mr. Shehak, resident of Gwarag.

BHRC urgently appeals to all international human rights bodies, the U.N., the European Parliament, the international media, and the world community to take urgent notice of the atrocities committed by the Pakistani army against innocent civilians in Dasht, Makaran and elsewhere in Balochistan. The slow motion genocide of the Baloch nation has to be stopped immediately by forceful intervention of world bodies.

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About AHRC: The Asian Human Rights Commission is a regional non-governmental organisation monitoring and lobbying human rights issues in Asia. The Hong Kong-based group was founded in 1984.

Pakistan has no regard for human rights

International funds are being used to kill innocent Balochs and to quell Baloch movement

Pakistan Army has begun a mass operation in the region of Makuran, and the targets of this operation are the innocent Baloch civilians. The areas of this genocidal attack by Pakistan includes Dasht, Tump, Mand Hasareg, Kam Posht, Dalai Nagur, Zaherag, Chati, Shuleeg, Zaren Chan Muhammed Bazar, Boor, Bashuli, Sabzal Bazar and the surrounding areas. Pakistan army is expanding the areas of this genocidal attack as more and more troops are arriving in the region. Weaponries, Gunship Helicopters and Jet planes provided to Pakistan by the United States of America to quell the terrorist forces are being utilized in this operation against the freedom loving and secular Baloch nation, which is presently the only secular force in the region, and as Pakistan is presently going under serious economical crisis therefore it easily can be understood that the funds used in this operation are the ones which have been provided by the International Community. The casualties in this operation can’t yet be stated as Pakistan army has restricted the communication modes in the region, but a large number of casualties are suspected as Pakistan air force have heavily bombarded the areas with gunships and jet planes.

According to the local residents of the surrounding areas of the operation region Pakistan army have seized the water springs in the region and have poisoned the streams which are the only water source for the area whereas due to the restrictions implemented by Pakistan immense shortage of food supplies is also prevalent. The soldiers of Pakistan army operating in the region have threatened the local residents to leave their houses and have burst into the houses of the residents and have tortured the residents including women and children, the soldiers have also justified their atrocities by telling the local population that Baloch nation does not believes in God and are anti Islamic, therefore its justified to kill and torture the infidels who do not believe in Islam.

International Community must immediately stop their aids to Pakistan and its Islamo Fascist army , the army who believes themselves to be the guardians of the Gods religion are as threatening to the world as Al-Qaida it’s (Pakistan Army’s) funded organization is. Peace loving world must understand that with an Islamic extremist army of Pakistan which is equipped with nuclear technology and without an Independent Secular Balochistan the war against terrorism should be considered as an already lost war. United Nations, European Union and the International community will have to announce sanctions of Pakistan until it ends its occupation of Balochistan, and this step will not only ensure a peaceful region but it would also ensure the safety of the entire world which is presently under a serious threat of terrorism created, funded and supported by Pakistan and its army.

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