Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Iran to execute Abdolmalik Regi soon, Parsdaily News

Iran: According to an Iranian daily "Parsdaily News", after the execution of Abdol Hameed Regi his brother Abdolmalik Regi, the leader of Baluch Peoples’ Resistance Movement (BPRM) will also be executed shortly.

The very brief News Item on Parsdaily Newsfurther read: “The Iranian authorities have completed the interrogation of Malik Regi and gained lots of useful internal and foreign confessions from the Baluch leader. The exact day and place of his execution have not been disclosed yet but the likelihood is that he may be executed by the end of this month”.

Iran claimed to have arrested Abdulmalik Regi on the 23 of February 2010, from a UAE – Kyrgyzstan plan. Since his arrest the Iranian authorities have published few interviews of Mr Regi what they (authorities) described a confessions of Regi.

Earlier the Iranians have announced that the trial of Abdolmalik Regi has begun and he had been charged with 37 accounts of what they call “terrorism offenses”. According to news reports the prosecution lawyers had demanded the execution of Regi on the first day of his trial.

On the other hand sources sympathetic to Regi has alleged that he has not been given the opportunity to defend himself and has no access to a lawyer. They also say that the confessions shown by Iranian TVs and News reports are forced-confessions and have been extracted though the use of brutal torture and other inhuman methods that the Iranian authorities use to intimidate prisoners into false confessions.

It is a matter of concerned that the International Human Rights Campaigners, Baluch Human Rights activists and Baluch in Diaspora are not doing enough to divert the world’s attention towards the plight of Baluch Nation living under Iran’s occupation. They have also failed to raise their voice against the executions of Baluch and Kurdish activists by Iranian authorities and in the case of Abolmalik Regi they are completely silent. Regi may be a terrorist for the Iranian authorities but many Baluch, especially the youth, consider him a defender of their rights and freedom. They believe Regi was the only Baluch who had challenged to the Iranian hegemony over Baluch Nation in Iranian occupied Baluchistan. In many interviews Regi himself had said that he was struggling for Baluch peoples’ democratic rights, equality and justice within the Iranian frame work but the authorities in Iran had pushed him to over the edge and forced him to pick up arms in defence of the oppressed people of Baluchistan.

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