Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pakistani military is currently carrying out massive operation in Gwader District of Baluchistan

Occupied Baluchistan: Various sources from district Gwader and Dasht areas of Baluchistan reported that Pakistani armed forces have launched a massive military operation with the hardcore conventional forces, backed by Jet fighters, helicopters, tanks and armoured vehicles. Forces from Turbat , Mand and Gwader Camps have been dispatched to carry out the gory operation in Seyaji Mountains. New check posts have been set up on all outlet passage ways to strangle the local population, for not co operating with forces in Derwaar, Katrenz, SuntSer , Metsing and TeranDiska.

According to the Radio Gwank report “the Pakistani armed forces have put all oil selling shops of border traders on fire in an attempt to punish the local traders collectively. The helpless unarmed people were forced to run for long distances, when asked, why this punishment? The army retorted that all Baluch are atheists, they should be killed and the killing of Baluch is purely a jihad in Islam”.

On the other hand the BNM official website has also carried out similar reports of a grand military operation in Makuran region and stated that heaving number of armed forces, tanks and long range artillery are being deployed in several areas of Gwader district. According to BNM statement the Pakistani rulers after the brutal military operation in Kohlu and Dera Bugti, are now planning to carried out similar atrocities in Gawader region of Baluchistan. The statement further read that the party with its coalition parties in BNF will soon start collective protest campaign against the operation in makuran belt.

There are some unconfirmed report of clashes between Baluch freedom fighters and Pakistani security forces but no casualties have been reported so far. According to daily Tawar Newspaper Doda Baluch of BLF (Baluch Liberation Front) has informed News agencies that Pakistan military did bomb some mountainous regions and Baluch freedom fighters resisted back, however, no casualties have been reported and all Baluch freedom fighters reach back to their hideouts safe and sound.

Open in new windowMeanwhile a large number of Baluch women and children protest against the Pakistani military’s excesses in the region. Talking to radio Gwank Baluch women alleged that the occupation forces tried to arrest Baluch women and the Baluch youth who resisted the arrest of Baluch women, have been severely tortured and some even apprehended and taken away. The protesters said “we do not want anything from Pakistan, we just want our freedom and we want to be left alone”.

Members of BSO-azaad have also held a protest demonstration in front of Pasni press club against the behaviour of Pakistani security forces and the preparations of what seems to be a huge military operation in the mountains and cities of Makuran region.

The Baluch protester urged that International Community and International Human Rights Organisations to take notice of the atrocities of Pakistani military against Baluch people and put pressure on Pakistan to stop the ongoing military operations in Baluchistan.

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