Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blast targets FC in Turbat; five killed several injured

Occupied Balochistan: A roadside bomb targeting a Frontier Corps (FC) convoy killed five FC personnel and wounded six in Balochistan’s Turbat area, officials said. The attack occurred in the Mand Ballo area of the district.

According to official sources “Unknown men had planted explosive material beside a road and detonated it with a remote control device when a convoy was passing through.” As a result of the explosion, five personnel were killed and six others sustained serious injuries, they maintained.

They said that the wounded personnel were given immediate medical aid in Turbat and later were referred to Quetta. According to doctors, condition of two of the six injured personnel was very critical.

Official sources confirmed that a search operation has been launched in the area lying along the Pak-Iran border in Turbat district and some suspected individuals had been taken into custody.

Further investigation was underway.

Balochistan is the scene of a war between Pakistani occupying forces and Baloch armed Organisations who are fighting for the Independence of Balochistan. It is worth mentioning that the attack on security forces was carried out less than 24 hours after the statement of Commander and Southern Command Lit. General Javed Zia where he said, “Insurgency in Balochistan is dying down”. However, today’s attack on Pakistan’s paramilitary forces and constant attacks on security forces check posts, gas pipelines, construction companies and other government places proves his claims wrong. 

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