Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reports of a fresh military operation in Mand and Dasht region of Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: According to a report aired on Radio Gwank Balochistan heavy contingents ofPakistan military and intelligence forces have started a fresh houses – to – house search in Mand and Dasht area. “From past three days there has been unprecedented increase in military activities in Dasht and surrounding areas”, reported a Radio Gwank local correspondent.

He further said that backed by helicopters, a convoy of around 25 -30 military armoured vehicles and two Vigo Jeeps of intelligence officials arrived Gogord and Hapsi regions of Balochistan. They have been randomly picking people and interrogating them about a five-page-long list of names which they carry with them. According to the intelligence agencies personal these names are of supposed Sarmachars (Freedom Fighters) who they say are in the remote areas of Dasht and Mand mountains. Helicopters have been seen hovering over nearby mountains earlier on Tuesday morning.

“They are brutally torturing innocent people who refused to cooperate with the military or simply say they have no information about the named person on the security forces' list. There have also been reports of skirmish between the Baloch fighters and Pakistani security forces in the remote mountainous areas”, explained Radio Gwank reporter from an unknown location in Balochistan.

The correspondent said that the security forces have been stopping people at check posts and their mobile phones have been confiscated for unknown reasons. Military is still pouring into the Gawader region and it is feared that they plan to intensify their atrocities in coastal regions of Balochistan. 

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