Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Three more bullet riddled bodies found in Balochistan as Pakistan continues its kill and dump policy

Occupied Balochstan: Three bullet-riddled Baloch activists have been found in different locations of Balochistan between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Daily times reported that a passerby spotted a body near Sabzal Road Quetta and informed the police. The body was taken to Bolan Medical Hospital for autopsy, where the victim was identified as Abdul Jabbar son of Muhammad Baksh Lango. He belonged to Manuchar tehsil of Kalat district. Hospital sources said that the victim was shot in the head, which caused an instant death.

“A letter was found from the body in which his name was written,” police said. A case was registered and investigations were underway.

According to Voice for Balochistan Missing Persons Chairman, Nasrullah Baloch, Jabbar was abducted a month ago. However, he said that his name was not included in the list of the missing people.

Two more bodies found on Monday Morning: The bullet riddled body of Arzi Khan Marri was found near Zero point in Uthal where body of Saeed Ahmad Mengal was found in Khuzdar town. Arz Mohammad aka Arzi Marri was abducted along with his cousin Sohbat Khan Marri on 29 September 2010 from the industrial town of Hub. Brutally tortured and riddled with bullets body ofSohbat Khan Marri was found from Dasht area near Quetta.

The families of Arzi Khan Marri and Sohbat Khan Marri have said that Pakistan intelligence agencies were responsible for the abduction and subsequent killing of the cousins one after another.

The third body that was found in Khuzdar has been identified as Saeed Ahmad Mengal. Family sources reported that Saeed was working as a labour in Panjgure and had been abducted from there few weeks ago.

All the three victims have been shot in the head in a similar fashion like the previous victims of Pakistan’s Kill and dump policy. None of the victims belongs to any political parties or affiliated with any other groups. Their only fault, apparently, is being Baloch which made them victims of Pakistan’s ongoing policy of Baloch genocide.

Please also find attached a list of 105 people who have been killed under-custody by Pakistan state forces from July 2010 onwards. 

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