Sunday, 6 February 2011

We should prepare for more difficult times ahead: Bashir Zaib Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The chairman of BSO – Azad Comrade Bashir Zaib has said that the “Kill and dump” policy of the state is furthering the resolve of Baloch Nation and adding to their hatred toward state (Pakistan) and dominant Nation Punjabi. The ongoing abduction of Baloch activists and under-custody killings are reminder from the occupying state that Baloch Nation and Pakistan (Pakistani Nation) have no relationship and the invaders only want the Baloch land and this clear message will be fertile for National liberation movement.

Sangat Qambar Chakar Baloch, Zubair Baloch, Sami Baloch, Kamran Baloch, Ilyas Nazar Baloch, Majeed Baloch, Asim Baloch, Zakaria Baloch, Kamalan Baloch, Ahmadad Baloch and other martyr friends have sacrificed their lives for a great cause; they neither submitted to the enemy nor sold their loyalties. In fact they faced all the difficulties with courage, bravery and put their names in the books of great personalities of the history.

The state Intelligence agencies by resorting to violence against Baloch political activists have earned the hatred of each household in Balochistan instead of putting terror in their minds and hearts. He said that Baloch political activists who believed in democratic and political struggle are now being forced to adopt guerrilla ideologies because the regular abductions, torture and humiliation by state forces have left them with no other options.

Comrade Bashir Zaib further said that there will be more challenges for the Baloch in future. “It is our faith and conation that we will overcome all the challenges of the enemy and meet the expectations of Baloch Nation and of those mothers whose loved ones have been murdered”. He said that National awareness about freedom and the increasing number of ideological friends illustrates that Baloch Nation will be victorious. “The victory will be of those who are practically fighting against enemy, those whose loved one have been martyred, those who are suffering torture in torture cell and secret dungeons of enemy including the leader of BSO – azad Zakir Majeed, Comrade Qayum Baloch, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch , Jalil Reki, Ghafoor Baloch, Abid Shah and thousands of other sons of soil. The enemy, their agents and their families will suffer disgraceful defeat because they put their loyalties, respect, tradition and faith under the feet of enemy for the sake of money and incentives.

He said to defeat the enemy and to become victorious we have to give more sacrifices and prepare to face further challenges. “We have to fully be ready to face difficulties in coming days because we cannot and should expect any decency, kindness and justice from an uncivilised and barbaric enemy – they will continue to commit the genocide of Baloch people. Their (Pakistani state’s) death squads will kill hundreds of innocent Baloch children, women and elderly; in fact they have already started the killings (under custody).

The struggle for liberation instead of weakening will intensify with the help of Baloch masses and with improved strategies. He stated that pro-independence political powers (Parties) should adopt revolutionary policies against the occupying forces and intensify the National awareness work within their circles. 

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