Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mehboob Wadela, Rehman Arif bullet riddled bodies found in Balochistan, Ormara.

Ormara : Member of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Mehboob Wadela & Gawader's President of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Gowadar Rehman Arif have been torture murdered by Pakistan. Brutally tortured and bullet riddled bodies of Mehboob Wadela & Rehman Arif were found in Ormara near Pasni, They were abducted by Pakistan from Karachi.

Shaheed Mehboob Wadela : A senior activist of BNM (Baloch National Movement) was snatched from a Karachi-Gowader bound passenger van on 2nd April 2010. Mahboob Baloch alongside several other passengers were about to leave for Gowader from Karachi when several plane-clothed Pakistani intelligence agencies personals stopped the passenger van at Yousaf Goath in Karachi. The eye witnesses have reported that plane-clothed men abducted Mr Wadhela at gun point; almost dragged him to their vehicle and drove off towards an unknown location. The witnesses had noted that the perpetrators were driving an official car.

 Shaheed Rehman Arif Baloch : President of Baloch Republican Party Gowader Zone was abducted from Karachi. while he was looking after a relative in a Karachi hospital at the time of his abduction. On 3rd September 2010 Mr Rehman Arif along with a relative was seen leaving the hospital near Rancho Line Karachi, eyewitnesses reported that plain clothed men have stopped and abducted the BRP leader and his relative. After few hours his relative was released but Mr Rehman Arif was missing till this date, who has now been murdered by Pakistan.

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