Thursday, 17 February 2011

Another Baloch is abducted from Makran Coastal Highway

Occupied Balochistan,PASNI:The resident of Pasni Baba Bohair was abducted when he was returning from Karachi to Pasni, his abduction sparked a wide protest from family members and his well wishers, a majority of peoples along with family members protest and picked placards infront of Pasni press club. 

The Family members of Baba Bohair condemned the intelligence agencies for his abduction while declaring that if there is any criminal activities registered against him then he should be acquitted and bring him infront of the court but his abduction shows that hes not guilty infact the abductors are those Pakistani forces personals who are responsible for killing and dumping hundreds of Baloch missing persons. 

The family members during their protest infront of the press club detailed the abduction that Baba Bohair went to Karachi for his routine trading goods and when returning back to his native town Pasni he was whisked away near “Dosi” area of Makran Coastal Highway, The wife of Baba Bohair urged the international human rights organizations, UN and EU to response over the mass killing of Baloch nation and a safe recovery of every Baloch activists including her husband.

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