Saturday, 14 May 2011

BLF claim to have inflicted heavy loss to Pakistani and Iranian security forces

By Adeenag Baloch

BLF spokesperson Basham Baloch told BBC that Pakisani and Iranian forces had been conducting a joint military operation in Makran. Talking to BBC UrduBasham Baloch told that Baloch freedom fighter clashed with Iranian and Pakistani forces in Hoshab, Mand, Buleeda and Mashkay. The brutal forces had suffered heavy losses. Aerial bombardment, house to house searches, arresting and torturing civilian and killing them in cold blood is going on.

Makran shares border with Iranian Makran. The state of makran was illegally divided by British and Iran in a treaty in late 19thcentury which resulted in bloody wars between Baloch and Iranian forces. Baloch has never recognized the border between Iran and Pakistan which they see as occupying forces. Whenever Baloch have raised the slogan of Freedom, their voices have been jointly suppressed by Iranian and Pakistani forces.

Basham Baloch appealed to UN and International Organisation to take notice of Iranian and Pakistani brutalities against innocent Baloch people who aspire for nothing but a free Balochistan. He also appealed to Baloch people to stand united against the enemies.

While addressing to Baloch people he said, “We appeal you to stay away from enemy forces. Our Sarmachar (Freedom fighters) can target them anytime. We want to avoid any collateral damage. We pay our deepest respects and tributes to the Baloch martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the National Liberation. It is their sacrifices that we are much closer to a free Baloch state. The joint military operation by Iranian and Pakistani forces shows that fact that we have defeated them psychologically and militarily.”

Pakistan and Iranian forces have been conducting a military operation in Makran for several days. Iranian helicopters and security forces armed with heavy artillery have crossed the border and started a house to house search. FC and Pakistan Air force have also been taking part in the on-going operation. The forces have arrested several persons including women and children. They have been shifted to unknown places. Several houses were razed to the ground by Iranian bulldozers. Ready to harvest crops belongs to the poor farmers set on fire.

A Baloch farmer on the condition of anonymity said that, “They have taken several children and women with them. They torched the land and tortured us and razed our houses to the ground. It is the Iranian forces that are conducting an operation in Pakistan occupied Balochistan”

According to the local sources, the scene was presenting a full scale war; gunship helicopters, aerial bombardment, artillery, Pakistani Air force personnel, and Iranian helicopters are taking part in a brutal aggression against civil population and innocent villagers.

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  1. you can destroy Pakistan but u cant break it .......... Baluchistan is integral part of Pakistan forever..... India isreal and america u can destroy Pakistan but u can never break it