Friday, 4 March 2011

Another victim of enforced disappearances murdered in cold-blood by Pakistan (military)

Occupied Balochistan: The unknown body found in Dasht area near Quetta on Wednesday has been identified as Faiz Muhammad Marri Baloch.

Faiz Muhammad Marri was abducted along with his cousin Khan Mohammad Marri on the night between 6th and 7th November 2010 during a raid on their house in Metrowell area of Karachi. The Sindh Ranger Police and other Intelligence agencies personnel has carried out the raid and on the persistence of Mr Marri’s aged parents the personal of security forces did confirm their Identity and let them see the official police cars in front of the flat.

Last, years couple of days after Mr Marri’s arrest the family sources has informed the media that Faiz had already been missing for a long time and was only released about three weeks before his re-arrest. The family had also complained that Faiz Muhammad was in critical condition due to extreme torture and physical abuses and at the time of his arrest he under treatment from his earlier wounds.

Mr Marri case was also registered with the UN Working Group on enforced disappearances. Yet the UN and other Humanitarian Organisation so far has failed to raise the Baloch issue in their meeting/sessions on the issue of Human Rights Violations.

The young Baloch activist’s body was found in Dasht area near Quetta on Wednesday (02-03-2010) after 3 months of his abduction by Pakistan military forces. According to sources it was almost not possible to recognise the body as it was badly disfigured, however, later relatives have identified Faiz Muhammad Marri body and took him to New Kahan Quetta “Baloch Martyrs graveyard”. He will be buried today (04-03-2011).

Baloch National Voice (BNV) has strongly condemned the brutal murder of Faiz Muhammad Marri, adding that such kill and dump policy of the occupying state cannot deter the Baloch Liberation Movement. The BNV also paid rich tributes to the sacrifices and struggle of Shaheed Marri.

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