Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Forces Continous Aggression killed dozens

Quetta (online) BRP has stated the killings of 10 innocent Balochs in the result of the dreadful military operations in Dera Bugti and Sui as a powerful slap on the faces of the so-called democratic government. It urged the World Human Rights Associations to take immediate notice on the human rights violation in Balochistan and to play an effective role to stop it. Sher Mohammad Bugti, the spokesman of BRP said that the Package is a conspiracy of fooling the world and to stop Baloch in the path of its freedom struggle. He said the Baloch genocide policies are going on in the so-called political and democratic term. A coalition of Military forces and Tribal head forces while carrying out an operation killed 10 innocent and poor Balochs while 25 people were injured and their domestic animals were killed too. The forces set their huts and houses on fire stealing their goods and domestic animals. He said that the kidnappings of Sangat Sana Baloch and Ghaffar Langau along with the recent operations in Dera Bugti and Kohlu are the continuation of Baloch enemy state policies. He added there was no truth in government claims, Missing people were not brought in public nor the forces had halted their operations in the region. Later on Faisal Bugti, BRP spokesman in Sui claimed 10 persons were killed and 25 injured in the military operations in the outskirts of Sui and Dera Bugti. He said that the government had started acting on the package as its forces along with the tribal head forces carried out a military operation in Dera Bugti and Sui killing innocent lives. He said that according to the last information the military operation is going on in which Gunship Helicopters, Jets and heavy weapons are being used. The dead bodies of innocent people are not being handed over to us by the govt. forces and tribal head forces. He added on one hand the government plays the joke of the “Package” on the other hand it acts on Baloch genocide. He said the World Human Rights Associations should act taking notice of the inhuman violations in Balochistan.

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