Monday, 21 December 2009

Ghaffar Baloch of BSO (M) and his friend abducted from Khuzdar

Open in new windowKhuzdar: an ex-member of BSO (Mohiudeen) has been abducted by unknown armed men. According to details Mr Ghaffar Baloch was driving to home when his vehicle came under indiscriminate fire. According to eye-witnesses around a dozen people already waiting in two white cars at Chamrok have first open fire on Mr Ghaffar Baloch’s car and when he tried to escape and accelerate, the armed men chased him. Finally at some point Mr Ghaffar lost control of his car, the vehicle slipped off the road and went into the Khand Graveyard. The armed men in the two white cars continued firing at them for a while and then came out of their cars. They arrested Mr Ghaffar Baloch and his friends and put them into their cars and drove off to an undisclosed location.

Soon after the firing incident local people gathered and strongly protested against the abduction of ex-member of BSO (M), they demand the immediate release of Ghaffar Baloch and his friends.

On the other hand the chairman of BSO (M) has strongly condemned the injuring and abduction of Ghaffar Baloch. He alleged that Ghaffar Baloch and his friend have been fired upon and abducted by the FC (Frontier Corps). The chairman termed their arrest as state sponsored terrorism saying “Pakistani FC wants to continue the subjugation of Baloch people by target killing and abducting Baloch student and political activists”. He further said there was no difference between the period of dictator Musharraf and the current PPP government. “In fact PPP’s government is more cruel then the Musharraf govt as during Musharraf’s period Baloch were being disappeared only but during PPP govt the Baloch are not only being abducted but they are being killed in cold-blood after their abduction”. He also appealed the BSO members to observe a shutter down protest in Khuzdar today.

Meanwhile NP (National Party) BSO Pajjar and BNP (M) (Balochistan National Party Mengal) has also strongly condemned the injuring and abduction of Ghaffar Baloch and demanded his immediate and unconditional release. The NP & BNP also appealed the trade unions and other business owners to observe a shutter down protest today (21/12/2009) in Khuzdar.

Courtesy: DailyTawar

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