Sunday, 6 December 2009

Yousaf Baloch detained several hours for visiting brother’s grave

Open in new windowMand: According to RadioGwank Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch’s elder brother Mohammad Yousaf Baloch and some of his guests have been detained and interrogated by Pakistani security forces for the mere fact of visiting the graves of Baloch martyrs in Mand, Balochistan. The Gwank report says that on the fourth day of EID some Well-wishers of Shaheed Baloch came to his brother’s house and asked him to take them to the graveyards.

While they were praying at the graveyard, paying their respects to the Baloch martyrs, four cars packed with Pakistani soldiers arrived there and asked Ghulam Mohammed Baloch’s brother and his guest to lower the flag of Balochistan which was installed on the grave of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. On the refusal they were all arrested and detained for several hours. While in detention they were asked to convince the Baloch people not to install the flag of Balochistan on graveyards and their houses. They also warned Waja Yousaf Baloch not to write the quotes from Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch on walls.

Yousaf Baloch told them that it was not in his power to stop people from quoting the Baloch martyrs or to stop them from hoisting Balochistan’s flag. “If I tell them to stop doing so they’ll not forgive me” he said. The Pakistani soldiers then said Ghulam Mohammad Baloch is not a saint that you go on his grave and pray. In reply Waja Yousaf Baloch said since when Mr Jinnah (Qaid – e – Azam) has become a saint that you Pakistanis go to his grave, pray and hoist your flag? This reply left them speechless but angry, they then said “go to the graveyard of your Shaheeds when your Balochistan is Free as at the moment it not”. “Our Martyrs have sacrificed their lives while defending their people and for the freedom of our country. We respected them and we will continue to respect and salute them, reiterated Yousaf Baloch”.

Courtesy Radio Gwank

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