Monday, 21 December 2009

CM's Statement misleading: Marri Itehad, “Missing persons” gone “underground": Raisani,

Open in new windowQuetta: The Anjuman-e-Itehad-Marri has strongly condemned Raisani and said that his statement is meant to please the Pakistani Intelligence agencies & other authorities. “The dummy chief minister is trying to save his seat by giving such misleading statement against forced-disappeared Baloch”, said AIM spokesman.

The AIM statement further said that thousands of Baloch political activists have been abducted by the Intelligence agencies of Pakistan and the Military agencies but the chief Mr Raisai was rubbing salt on the wounds of the relatives these people by saying that “they went underground”. The chief minister instead of demanding the recovery of these people was in fact approving their illegal detentions by the notorious ISI and other agencies.

The statement further explained that thousands of forced-disappeared Baloch have not gone underground or anywhere else but they were in the secret underground cells of Pakistani army and ISI and they are suffering extreme torture and humiliation. “Some so called ministers and the chief minister are doing propaganda to appease the Pakistani government get approval of the ISI for another term” added AIM statement.

Baloch do not need any packages from their occupiers. Baloch peoples’ struggle for their Independence cannot be brought to a halt by the announcement of these packages and such insane statements. The struggle for freedom is continuing with full determination. After Impendence the people who are busy pleasing the Pakistani authorities will have to stand a trail in Baloch peoples’ court and answer for what they are doing today.

The Marri Itehad remarked that Baloch freedom fighters sacrifices will not go in vain, Independent Balochistan is inevitable and soon sovereign Balochistan will re-appear on the world map.

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