Friday, 11 December 2009

Reports of fierce fighting between Pakistani security force and Baloch fighters

Makoran: Balochistan national media reported that Pakistani security forces are carry out a major military offensive in Makoran, Washk and Awaran regions of Pakistani occupied Balochistan, three civilians have been killed and a woman has been injured due to indiscriminate bombing by Pakistani forces. The spokesman of BLF (Baloch liberation front) Mr Basham Baloch told the online new agencies that that occupying forces extended the military offensives in the Makoran regions of Migor, Kashaz, Chago, Maran Band, Tump, Dasht and surrounding areas. Pakistani forces are bombarding continuously. He alleged that three civilian casualties have been reported so far and a Baloch woman named '' Mah Bibi'' was severely tortured by Pakistani security officials during a house –to – house search operation in Washk region of Raghay.

According Mr Baloch the Pakistani forced apparently started the operation against Baloch Freedom Fighters in the region but Baloch fighters had already moved to safer location. Basham Baloch also claimed that killed eight Pakistani security personals have been killed and injured several others during a gun-battle between security forces and Baloch fighters from his Organisation.

He also alleged that the announcement of packages was the beginning of military operation in Awaran and adjacent areas. He said several areas have been completely besieged by occupied forces and spy jets have been seen flying in some of the aforementioned regions. “They will not succeed to stop the freedom fighters; as we have the support of entire Baloch nation” he reiterated. The enemy forces will be defeated in every town and street. “If the ongoing operation is not halted it will be destructive for the state” he warned. The struggle will continue until we regain our independence.

Courtesy BUC news & BaluchJohd blog

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