Saturday, 19 December 2009

A government allied party accused of attacking native Baloch settlement in Karachi

Open in new windowKarachi: Independent sources from Karach’s oldest Baloch settlement "Saddique Village" reported that member of MQM; a government associated party, have attacked the village and opened fire with automatic weapons. The sources further said that the firing started three days ago, when an alleged member of MQM was found dead in the adjacent of the village (Siddique village).

Siddique village has constantly been under fire from the MQM members for last three days. There is a fear and anger among the residents of the village. Many believe if the government don’t take action against these culprits and their party. The people of the village will be forced to react in their defence which could further deteriorate the situations.

Baloch political parties have strongly condemned the MQM for attacking the village and warned the leadership of the party to act wisely. BNM in a statement said that they didn’t want to confront with the MQM but if this party doesn’t stop the attacks on Baloch villages and targeting innocent Baloch, then the Baloch will have no other option but to defend their people. The statement further stated that the silence of Baloch people should not be considered as their weakness. “Baloch are fighting the state and its powerful army from last 63 year. If they can fight a mighty army then they can defend themselves against this party as well” warned the statement released by BNM (Baloch National Movement).

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