Monday, 28 December 2009

BNF announces wheel jam and shutter-down protests on arrival of Pakistani Prime Minister to Balochistan

Quetta: Baloch National Front (a combination of pro-Independent Baloch parties) has announced shutter-down and wheel jam protests in Balochistan on 29 December 2009, on Pakistani Prime Minister’s visit to Gwader Balochistan. The BNF said it was protesting against the ongoing military operations and the 62 years of deception of Baloch people by Pakistani rulers.

There will be a shutter-down in Makuran region and wheel jam and shutter down protest will be observed in Gwader district on the day of Pakistani Prime Minister’s arrival to Gwader on 29 December 2009. Coalition parties of BNF will also take out protest rallies and observe protest demonstrations in Karachi and elsewhere in Balochistan on the same day (Tuesday).

According to BNF statement Pakistani rulers have been deceiving the Baloch people from last 62 years in the name of negotiations, announcement of so called development projects and packages. While rejecting the current Balochistan package the BNF said it is nothing but a joke with the people of Balochistan. BNF appealed to the Baloch Nation and coalition parties to take part in the wheel jam and shutter-down protest in order to prove that Baloch are not interested in Pakistan’s so called package but Baloch are struggling for a greater cause and that is to regain their independent status.

Courtesy: DailyTawar

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