Saturday, 19 December 2009

BLA threatens to dismantle drug mafia’s networks

Open in new windowQUETTA: The underground Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has warned the drug mafia to stop its activities in Balochistan or prepare for punitive action.

The warning was issued on Thursday in a circular disseminated in Shaeed Khalil Sumalani Press Club Mach in Bolan district.

According to the fresh warning, the BLA has accused the drug mafia of destroying the younger generation of the Balochs by pushing them into drug addiction in order to make more money. The militant shadowy organization said if the drug business was not stopped at once in Bolan region, elements responsible for drug business would be attacked and punished.

The banned organization, which has been working for the independence of Balochistan through an armed struggle for the past many years, asked the drug smugglers to take a leaf out of BLA actions against the drug traffickers in Mekran region where they were attacked and forced to give up the business.

“If action is not taken to stop the drug business in Balochistan, BLA will punish all those responsible for promoting a drug culture in Balochistan,” warned the circular.

Earlier, similar threats had been issued by the BLA in Mekran region against the drug mafia and some attacks had also taken place on the people allegedly involved in drug business.

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