Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The reasons Westerners not interested in Balochistan issue...

Now that the discussion is gaining strength, let us analyse on some short answers of the questions that are going around the minds of people living in the West about the Baloch freedom struggle; What is it that could attract the western eyes to the Baloch freedom struggle? Why is it important for Balochs having their own free land? Why would the West and the civilized world bother their selves for helping the poor Baloch out? How would an independant Balochistan be helpful in maintaining peace in the region? Why is independant Balochistan so important in this region? Do the Baloch have the ability to run their independent new born country? and last but not least, How would an independent Balochistan look like?

All these questions arise in the mind of any Westerner who tries to look at Baloch issue for a moment. We think all these questions are definite and just. Going through the Baloch issue via its real advocates, we find that the answers of these questions are very simple and clear in Baloch minds but their enemy has created circumstances which make these answers complicated and almost invisible in the eye of west.

The secularism of Baloch movement cannot be overruled. Baloch movement is entirely a secular movement and an ordinary Baloch involved in this movement respects the beliefs of all the people around the world. This thing separates them from other extremist backward minded people fighting on non-sense demands like imposing Sharia (Islamic Law) and all. Baloch has a clear vision today for its independent homeland. Its demand are nothing extra-ordinary, just to have a sense of security of its national identity and its thousands of years of culture with its free land. Baloch being the only secular nation in the region is ready as a stable forward thinking nation which can help the civilized world in bringing up any kind of geographical change in the region making it easier to fight terrorism and fight drugs which are the 2 main problems the entire world is fighting against.

Now, the facts that could attract the West in Balochistan are Baloch fighting against the enemies of the West. The West and the civilized world are worried about Pakistan's nuclear assets getting in bad hands, whereas Baloch is fighting against Pakistan who tested these nuclear weapons in Balochistan leaving hundreds of thousands of people suffering health issues and till today no foreign help is let to reach these nuclear test effected victims. The only solution to avoid these nuclear weapons getting into the religious fundamentalists extremists hand is to disintegrate Pakistan and instead keep a new born alley who could assure stability and peace in the region in the absence of US and NATO forces. Baloch is the only and the best option for the West.

On the other hand, Baloch is fighting Iran for its independent Balochistan, (when we say Balochistan, we mean both Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan). Iran with its nuclear program is a great threat to the particular region and to the West. Iran and Pakistan giving birth to religious fundamentalists are the worse future problems the West is concerned of. We dont think we have to tell the westeners more about the threats they face by Iran because we think their media is doing no less in revealing the evil mask of Iran.

Keeping in mind the good relations of Baloch and Afghan, a stabilized Afghanistan is always in the favor of an independent Balochistan because Baloch can offer it use of Baloch coast helping Afghanistan widely in its trade. Independent Balochistan can be used as a platform to fight drugs.

An ordinary view about Baloch national struggle is set by the enemies that after freedom of Balochistan, the tribal heads would not give a dime of Balochistan resources to the poor Baloch. If we analyse the views and statements of all these tribal heads in this movement, we will find that if they were fighting for their selves they would've fought for Sui and Kohestan e Marri, but they are demanding an independent Balochistan where all Baloch will have equal rights. They say Pakistan is spreading such rumors to divide Baloch in the name of tribe and so that they quietly loot Baloch's resources.

Now let us make a short analysis What would an Independant Balochistan look like and How will the Baloch run it?

Now no one else could answer this question in a better way than the only people struggling for their freedom, They have a vision they are dieing for. Everything here is ready to be implement. Balochistan will be a democratic country where religion and politics will be different issues. Balochistan will open its gate for the entire world welcoming them to invest in it and will promote the trend of competition in trade. Baloch will give-and-take with the world in terms of equality. Baloch will respect its friendship with its fellow allies and would never accept any nations slavery. Baloch believes trustworthy friendship is the basic of good work. Any step by Baloch would not be hidden in front of the world. The tricks being played by Pakistan and its friends now, will be buried in sand by the Baloch. Everyone is equal in front of judiciary and the law in the independent Balochistan will be for all. In independent Balochistan, Parliament will have the right to decide every national issue.

Therefore, We think independent Balochistan is very important in any change in this region. Balochistan's independence will help the West find solution to the war it is observing but is afraid to confess it may lose. Baloch are the Ace card of the West in this region. But yet Baloch is a victim of almost no western media coverage.


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