Monday, 21 December 2009

BNM activist held on hand grenade attack charges

Open in new windowPASNI: A member of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) was held by the police on charges of hurling a hand grenade on a van of the Coast Guards.

According to the details, a van of the Coast Guards came under attack in the coastal town of Pasni near Government Girls’ High School. The grenade failed to hit the van but exploded in the open air with a loud explosion that was heard in remote parts of Pasni. People in the town were scared due to the blast and kept on asking each other what had actually happened. The local police rushed to the area and began investigation about the possible causes and the masterminds of the blast.

The Coast Guard officials cordoned off the whole area and began the search for the culprits. Meanwhile, an activist of the Baloch National Movement, Saifullah, was detained by the local police in connection to the same incident of hand grenade attack. Saifullah had previously been detained too by the police due to his political activities. Sources said he was under investigation by the police.

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