Monday, 21 December 2009

BLA gives one-week ultimatum to drug mafia in Khuzdar

KHUZDAR: After issuing threats to drug mafia in Mekran and Bolan, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), an underground organization striving for the independence of Balochistan, has now threatened to dismantle the networks of drug mafia in Khuzdar district.

The armed group has given an ultimatum of one week to the drug mafia in Khuzdar to conclude its businesses from the area or prepare to face the consequences. The BLA believes that the drug mafia is destroying a generation of the Balochs by pushing them into the habit ofdrug addiction so that they remain apolitical throughout their lives and fail to contribute in the Baloch national liberation movement.

According to Daily Tawar, a respected Baloch Urdu newspaper, the threat was issued by Shail Baloch, a spokesman of the BLA who called at Khuzdar Press Club via sattliate phone from an unknown location. The BLA spokesman said his organization would single out members of the drug mafia and elements responsible for promoting a drug culture in the area.

“We will kill them one by one as was done with the Punjabi settlers in the past. They have a deadline of a week to wrap up everything. After the deadline, they will be targeted and killed on the offense of promoting drug culture among the Baloch youth,” he threatened.

The BLA spokesman also accepted responsibility for an attack on a FC check post in Badu Kosh area of Zehri locality in Khuzdar that took place some days ago.

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