Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shutter-down and wheel jam protest in Balochistan on Pakistani prime minister’s visit to Gwader

Open in new windowQuetta: Baloch people have protested against the Pakistani government and once against rejected the announcements of packages and jobs being offering to them as charity. BNF had given the call to protest on the day of PM’s arrival to Gwader. Radio Gwank reported that today (29/12/2009) people have observed wheel jam and shutter-down protest to show their anger against Pakistan government.

Speaking to Radio Gwank Mr Ismael Baloch said that around 20,000 Pakistani troops have been deployed in Gwader for the PM’s security, the road form where the PM has passed has been completely blocked for public movements. Mr Ismael Baloch claimed that no one has participated in the gathering of PM apart from some of the government servants and PPP members.

He said that PM did not announce anything new but repeated the past rhetoric of the Pakistani governments that they would develop Balochistan, give jobs etc. The Pakistani PM like the previous heads of Pakistan has regretted that Balochistan has been ignored from last 62 years. PM however said that people should not doubt the intentions of PPP government.

Mr Khalil Baloch a member of BNM has said that they have protested to remind the Pakistani PM that Balochistan is an occupied land and that the people of Balochistan are not interested in Pakistan’s packages and jobs. He said that today’s shutter down and wheel jam was the reaction of Baloch Nation and people of Makuran and they wanted remind the PM that Baloch have nothing to do with Pakistan and Punjab. No common Baloch has welcomed the PM to Gwader, in fact the Baloch have observed a black day.

He said “The martyrs of the Nation have not sacrificed their precious lives for some jobs and packages, neither the sarmachaars (freedom fighters) are fighting for anything like this. Baloch struggle is against the occupation of Baloch land and Baloch are giving sacrifices to regain their Independent status”.

Courtesy: Radio Gwank

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