Monday, 8 February 2010

BLF denied threatening private co-education school in Gwader

wader: “We are not against co-education. Our struggle is for freedom, illegal trawler mafia and money extortionists mince their ways or prepare to face the music. The enemy after disgraceful defeat has started propaganda”.

According to details a spokesman of BLF (Baloch Liberation Front) Mr Doda Baloch has called news agencies and strongly denied threatening a private co-education school in Gwader Balochistan. He said that BLF was fighting for the freedom of Balochistan. “Our organisation believes that beside arm struggle the Baloch youth and Baloch sisters should increase their educational capacities”. Enemy propagandas against Baloch freedom seeking organisations are their (enemy’s) failure and obvious defeat.

Meanwhile Doda Baloch also warned the illegal trawler mafia and those money extortionists that if they do not mince their ways they will be treated as traitors against the Baloch Nation.

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