Friday, 5 February 2010

We are at war with Pakistan; Arab hunters should limit their activities: Basham Baloch

Quetta: A spokesman of BLF (Baloch Liberation Front) has once again warned the Arab hunters to limit their activities. He said Baloch are at war with the state of Pakistan and Pakistani forces are committing atrocities against the Baloch people almost everywhere in Balochistan. The Baloch resistance organisation can attack Pakistani forces whenever and wherever they see the opportunity. That is why “We ask the Arab hunters to limit their activities. Baloch have old ties with the Arab countries and Arab people and we do not want to sabotage these friendly, political and social relations between the Arabs and the Baloch” Mr Basham Baloch said.

Meanwhile he also claimed that BLF fighters attacked an FC camp in Mand Town of Balochistan on Thursday evening. He said that the FC has suffered heavy loss of property and physical casualties.

It must be noted that earlier this month the Balochistan Student Organisation (azaad) had also issue a statement accusing the Arab hunters of sabotaging the Baloch traditions. They BSO statement had said that the Arab hunters should not disrespect or violate the Baloch code of honour in the name of hunting.

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