Monday, 22 February 2010

Saved be killed (An article on recent happenings in Karachi)

By Baluch Qaumdost

Karachi, gets it's name from a Baluch woman called Mai Kolachi. The Baluch of Karachi had decisive political power in the affairs of the city ,making it a cultural and political hub of the Baluch. The current state of the Baluch in Karachi is because of the policies designed towards their systematic execution by the Pakistani State. The penetration of the Pakistan Peoples' Party in the Baluch Localities of Karachi,the creation of mobsters to help the Peoples' Party keep a hold on the Baluch areas ,the “dumping” of Narcotics to target the Baluch youth and intimidation tactics.

These policies proved fruitful for Pakistan when the deprived and vulnerable Baluch populace saw the PPP as a means towards prosperity and the mobsters as their saviors from external threats.

The Pakistani State is suppressing the recent surge in increased Baluch Nationalism through the use of non-state Actors. The establishment of the Baluch Alliance, a party designed to “infiltrate” the nationalistic sentiments run by the same mobsters responsible for the widespread addiction levels among the Baluch youth,and the Lyari Gang War.

The Baluch Nationalists that the Government is seeking to eliminate are a small but devoted ring of Activists. This new wave of violence against the Baluch population started when the Baluch National Movement(BNM) pressed against the Land Mafia backed by the Coalition partners of the PPP the Muttahida Qaumi Movement(MQM) a racist terrorist Outfit.

The MQM has been encroaching into Baluch localities by demolishing Baluch settlements under the guise of Development Projects like the Lyari Expressway which resulted in the dislocation of thousands of Baluch homes and the grabbing of private and amenity plots like the Gutter Baghicha, a park that the MQM run City District Government of Karachi is allotting to it's party members. Further The Nationalists drive against the PPP backed Drug Mafia who are responsible for the death of more than three thousand Baluch youngsters in the bloody Lyari Gang War .

This latest wave of state sponsored violence against the Baluch is lead by Uzair Baluch aka Sardar Uzair. The group is also responsible for Nadir Baluch's Murder, a Baluch Rights activist and social worker involved in anti-narcotics and Gutter Baghicha encroachments. This group also “hijacked” the protests following the PPP-MQM lead target killings and the crackdown by Pakistani Paramilitary Forces in Lyari. The protesters were burning Pakistani,and PPP Flags but the Pakistani Media and the PPP backed gangsters made the protest seem as if it was organized by the PPP's Peoples' Amn Committee (PAC). The PAC has lately been issuing death threats to members of the Baluch Movement for opposing PPP and the Occupation. The threats issued said that anyone working against the PPP or Pakistan will be killed in a manner that their faces would be beyond recognition. The PAC also hijacked another Protest in Malir forcing Baluch Activists carrying the National Flag to leave the venue while raising pictures of the slain Rahman “Dakait” Karachi's Notorious Mob Boss. The latest offense of the PAC is the attempted assassination of Baluch Student Organization Azaad(BSO-A) central committee member Jawad Baluch at Restaurant in Lyari..

The Baluch of Karachi will have to realize that gangsters can never be their saviors, they will have to understand that it’s only they, themselves who can bring an end to the problems created by the occupation of Pakistan and that they’ll have to take a stand for themselves and their coming generations.

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