Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Baloch students and activists protest in front of Australian Parliament

Australia : Baloch activists and students organised a protests demonstration against human rights violation in Balochistan, in front of Australian parliament on Saturday.

The participants of the protest were carrying placards demanding end to military operations in Balochistan. The participant of the protest also carried pictures the enforced-disappeared Baloch and victims of extra judicial killings.

Ahmer Rehman, a student activist from Balochistan, addressing the gathering said it was a known fact that Balochistan was occupied by Pakistan and Iran. However, the focus of his talk was Pakistan occupied Balochistan. He said, “In Balochistan the Baloch people are living their life under the shadow of guns and inhuman atrocities. Their physical survival is at stake because of the systematic and organised genocidal policies of Pakistan.” He said the Baloch struggle was the response to cultural domination, economical exploitation, Political subjugation and occupation of the Baloch land by the Pakistan.

He further said that in the last five years Pakistani military and intelligence agencies abducted thousands of Baloch political activists including Doctors, Lawyers, Students, Teachers, Journalists and Baloch intellectuals. “The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons documented more 14000 thousand Baloch have been abducted and they are in the custody of the Pakistani intelligence agencies,” Said Mr Ahmer Rehman. He said the VBMP further reported that more than seven hundred torture mutilated dead bodies of the Baloch missing persons were dumped across the roadsides and mountains in Balochistan and in the different cities of the Pakistan.

Mr Rehman said in the beginning of 2013 the Pakistani military conducted deadly military operations and carried out indiscriminate bombardments on civilian population in the Mashkay region of the Awaran district in Balochistan. Many women and children were killed and wounded in during Mashky operation, he added.

He said most recently Pakistani security forces sieged the village of Mangochar in Kalat district Balochistan. In this fresh operation many Baloch were killed and many of them were abducted by Pakistani military and their intelligence agencies.

His speech Mr Rehman said, “Keeping in view all these atrocities, I would also like to record my protest against the silence of international media. It is shameful that international media is not highlighting the state atrocities and the gross human rights violations, which Pakistani military and its intelligence agencies are committing against Baloch Nation. We request the free media of the world to please take notice of these Pakistani crimes and highlight them.”

He appealed to the Australian government in these words: “I appeal to the Australian government to take notice of these atrocities of Pakistan and raise the issue of Balochistan human rights situation in the international forums such including the United Nations. I would also like to appeal to the other civilized and democratic countries counties to take an immediate action and pressurise the Pakistani government to stop the Baloch genocide and ongoing military operations across the Balochistan.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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