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Baloch Students Organisation (Azad) January 2013 Human Rights Report

1st January incidents

[Sui, Dera Bugti]: Pakistani military conducted a military operation in Sui area of Dera Bugti, four persons were abducted by the forces. The abductees were were identified as Walo s/o Gulam Bugti, Hasso s/o Khairo Bugti, Polat s/o Chakar Khan Bugti and Ahmad s/o Rehman Bugti.

[Pirkooh, Dera Bugti]: Laimon Khan Baloch critically injured in a landmine blast in pirkoh area of Dera Bugti.

[Chitkan, Pajgour]: Ejaz Ali Baloch, a prominent trader, was abducted by unidentified gunmen in Chitkan area of Panjgour.

2nd January incidents

[Mach]: Maqsood Baloch, a journalist, survived an attack carried out by unidentified gunmen while he was capturing pictures of murdered persons in the hospital. Balochistan Union Of Journalists strongly condemned the attack.

4th January incidents

[Pasni]: Bolan Karim Baloch, a teenage student and resident of Pasni, was abducted by Pakistani military from Pasni.

 5th January incidents

[Merani Dem]: Bullet riddled dead body of Meer Khan Baloch was found in Merani Dem area of Kech. 

[Zahidan]: Mohsin Ismail zahi Baloch, a political prisoner was tortured to death in the central jail of Zahidan. 

7th January incidents

[Quetta]: three Baloch youths were abducted by Pakistani military from Arbab karam Khan road area of
Quetta, they were identified as Sana ullah Langove, Naseer Langove and Jaleel Langove.

[Bessima]: Imam Baskh Baloch, uncle of martyr Hamid Baloch (who was previously abducted and killed extra judicially under custody) was murdered by Pakistani death squads in Besima.

8th January incidents

 [Mand]: Pakistani military fired 14 rockets on civilian population in Mand area of Kech that caused heavy damages.

 9th January incidents

 [Mashkay] 21 vehicles of Frontier Corps have raided Mashkay and abducted Ashraf Baloch, his son Shareef Baloch, and Khuda Baksh Baloch. Zahoor S/O Alahi Bux and Zakir S/O Abdul Hakeem are residents of Nokjo whereas Saaloo S/O Jumma Khan and Khaliq Dad S/O Saydo are residents of Tolago.
The Pakistani forces also destroyed forests in Mashkay and surrounding areas by setting them on fire. 

[Mand]: Once again, Pakistani military fired 4 rockets on civilian population in Mand area of Kech.

 [Quetta]: Abdul Aziz Pirkani Baloch was killed by unidentified gunmen in Quetta.

 11th January incidents

 [Mand]: Pakistani military conducted a military operation in Kooh Posht area of Mand, five persons were abducted by the forces during the operation. The abductees were identified as Abdul Sattar Baloch, Faiz Mohammad Baloch, Naseer Ahmad Baloch, Akhtar Gourham Baloch and Dad Rehman Baloch.

 [Chalagi]: Tanveer Ahmad Baloch, cousin of prominent Balochi language writer Obaid Shad was abducted by Iranian forces from chalagi area of Zamouran, later he was extra judicially killed under custody and his dead body was handed to his relative after 11 days.

 [Dera Bugti]: Three bullet riddled dead bodies were found in Dera Bugti. Two of the deceased were identified as Peer Dad Marri and his son while the third person couldn’t be identified.

 12th January incidents

 [AWARAN]: Pakistani forces along with their agents and stooges have attacked residents in Awaran Bazar, Teertaj and Bedhi. The forces looted and then set ablaze many shops whereas they also maltreated and abducted many Baloch. According to details the Pakistani forces stormed the main Awaran Bazar and abducted Zareef Baloch, Hameed Baloch, Asadullah Baloch, Raheem Bakhsh Baloch, Mumtaz Baloch and many others. The forces then terrorized the whole area by firing in the air for long. They also looted many shops including a Medical store and then burnt them up.

 15th January incidents

 [Mashkay]: Ashraf s/o Qasoum Baloch, a resident of Nokjo, was abducted by Pakistani military from Laki area of Mashkay .

 16th January incidents

 [Mand]: Pakistani military conducted a military operation in Lebnan area of Mand, four persons were abducted who were identified as, Fida Baloch, Mossa Baloch, Master Hamid Baloch and Ahad Baloch. 

[Mashkay, Awaran] 13 Baloch youths were abducted by Pakistani military from different areas of Mashkay.

18th January incidents

 [Mastung]: Pakistani forces stormed a house in Mastung city and killed two Baloch youth Rasheed Baloch and Shah Jahan Baloch. Women and children were also injured in the attack. The forces also abducted Nisar Baloch, brother of Rasheed Baloch.

 [Kharan]: Akram Baloch along with his 4 years old child was killed by unidentified gunmen in Kharan.

 19th January incidents

 [Peer koh, Dera Bugti]: A convoy of a large number of armed vehicles carrying combat troops of Pakistani forces laid a siege to different areas in Pirkoh, Dera Bugti. Many villages including Bakir kohr, Sardaw, Hann, Haidaro, Kando and others were heavily bombarded dozens of houses (mostly mud and wood huts) of poor Baloch villagers were destroyed and burnt to ashes. Bakhtiyar Bugti was killed during the operation while at least thirteen people including three women were abducted by the forces during the offensive. The abducted men were identified as Bahiyan Bugti, Allah Bux Bugti, Shaho Bugti, Razzu Bugti, Leemo Bugti, Mazar Khan Bugti, Noor din Bugti, Saifal Bugti, Nadgo Bugti and one unknown men while the identity of abducted women could not be ascertained.

[Patfidar, Dera Bugti]: One person died and 3 others injured in a landmine blast in Patfidar area of Dera Bugti .

[Killi Ismail]: A teenage student namely Rashid Langove S/o Mansoor Ahmad Langove Baloch was abducted by Pakistani military from Killi Ismail area of Quetta.

[New Kahan]: Pakistani military conducted a military operation in New Kahan area of Quetta and abducted several people. Gull Jan Marri, 5 years old child, was critically injured due to indiscriminate firing by the forces.

[Kharan]: Kabeer Baloch was abducted while he was going to Noshki from Kharan.

20th January incidents

[Bessima]: Pakistani military surrounded the residence of Qasum Baloch in Besima and the indiscriminately bombarded it. Due to indiscriminate bombardment, Qasum Baloch along with a woman named Banok Ruzhina Baloch were killed.

[Zahidan]: Iranian authorities executed three Baloch political prisoner in the central jail of Zahidan, the victims were named as Ali Kamali Baloch, Dawoud Qambarzahi Baloch and Mahmoud Shahraki Baloch.

21st January incidents

[Peer koh]: Pakistani military bombarded Pirkooh town in Dera bugti, due to indiscriminate bombardment, Buzzo Bugti Baloch along with his little daughter was killed while several others were injured.

[Dera Bugti] The bullet riddled dead bodies of Razzo Bugti Baloch and Bahian Bugti Baloch were found in Dera Bugti, both were abducted on 19 January 2013 from Dera Bugti during the search operation.

22nd January incidents Sanaullah langove, Naseer Langove & Jalil Langove were abducted by Pakistani occupying forces from Shall, Quetta on 2013/1/22.

23rd January incidents

[Peer koh]: Four Baloch including a woman and a child were killed in a landmine blast in Dera Bugti .

25th January incidents

[Kros Thang - Gawadar]

16 years old resident of ''Kros Thang'' area of Gwadar district, Nasrat son of Habib Omer, has been critically injured by Iranian border forces. He was captured and kept in detention, in injured condition, without medical aid for hours.

26th January incidents

[Karachi]: The bullet riddled dead body of Baloch activist Adnan Baloch s/o Haji Akram was found in Malir area of Karachi, he was abducted by Pakistani military from Kahnak area of Mand on 30th June 2012.

[Sui, Dera Bugti]: two persons were killed while another was injured in a landmine blast in Sui area of Dera Bugti.

27th January incidents

[Dasht, Kech]: Mola Baksh Baloch was abducted by Pakistani military from Zarrinboug area of Dasht.

29th January incidents

 [Quetta] Pakistani military raided a house in Killi Bangulzai area of Shal (Quetta) and abducted Imran Bangulzai.

30th January incidents

[Pir koh - Dera Bugti] Four bullet-riddled dead bodies were found from Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti in Balochistan. The victims were identified as Sabz Ali Bugti, Mazar Khan Bugti, Noordin Bugti, Naik Mohammad Bugti. They all belong to same family and were abducted along with 13 others including three women from Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti 15 days ago during a military offensive.

[Kerman]: Five Balouch prisoners Nazar Shahbakhsh, Ne'matollah Shahbakhsh, Abdollah Shahbakhsh, Abdorrahman SHahbakhsh and Saleh Noti Zehi were executed in Kerman. They had been arrested five years ago. There is no information about their charges.

31st January incidents

[Turbat]: Master Sher Mohammad Resident of Buledah was abducted by Pakistani Agencies from Turbat. 

[Khuzdar - Awaran]: Two bullet riddled bodies found from Khuzdar while one from Awaran district of Balochistan. [Karachi]: Two bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch found from Surjani town area of Karachi. They were identified as Haroon Baloch and Razak Baloch. Both the victims were abducted by the Pakistani forces two months ago from Pishukan area of district Gwadar.

[Pasni]: Pakistani forces abducted Sajid Baloch & Younus Yousuf from Pasni.


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