Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pakistan's military aggression continued in different parts of Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan:Search operation initiated in Kohistan Marri and the surrounding areas, the area was siege when huge number of forces ambushed the area of Kohistan Marri and arrested seven locals while also destroying the locals houses in the process of search operation.

From the details and local sources yesterday night the forces ambushed Kohistan Marri from three different paths and started yet another search operation on local Baloch population, the first convoy of security forces was numbered in 16 vehicles came from kohlu, the second convoy numbered 12 vehicles of security forces arrived from Safed Bareli & the last convoy arrived from Barkhan numbering 14 vehicles arrived the seized areas and took their position by ambushing the surrounding Baloch villages and started their search operation.

The search operation was initiated on Tuesday morning and it was still going on while the last report was received, the lack of communication and blockage of media coverage has made it impossible for a correct information on arrest & losses, from the local sources it is believed that the grand operation initiated in different areas of Kohistan Marri includes Siya Koh, Nashao, Barili & Pineyara, the forces in the wake of search operation also used far ranging missiles and gunship helicopters were seen surveying the area.

Detailing the information on arrest of Tribal Personalities like Haji Mohammad Ibrahim Marri & Nawazi Marri local sources stated that in the area of Marri Bohri forces took away both the Tribal personalities while the search operation was on the way, while Rasool Buksh Marri, Sado Marri, Dara Marri, Lagari Marri & Baoch Khan were arrested when there vehicle was halted on the FC check post as they were going to Barkhan from Nashao, Pakistani forces used heavy weaponry in the search operation also as in Siya Koh Jamag Marri’s house was demolished by the use of missiles.

While the haystack home of Hassan Khan was also destroyed in the use of heave weaponry as the forces bombarded different places with heavy missiles, while heavy weaponry was used in the search operation but due to lack of communication system there is no news of any physical causalities, while the local sources also stated that in the mean of search operation Pakistani forces are looting the live stocks of the locals and are harassing the people by door to door search operation because in the area of Nashao Pakistani forces took a horse from Yousuf marri’s house, such disgusting act are being played by the Pakistani forces in the Baloch dominated areas because in the mean of search operation they actually harass women and children & take the live stocks of the locals with them.

The local sources confirmed a fine number of people were arrested in the wake of search operation, as the area of kohistan marri was seized from any media response, use of heavy weaponry and bombardment, arrest and harassment continued for whole one day in the region of Kohistan Marri.

Army operation in Tootak area of Khuzdar,2 killed,dozens injured and thirty people abducted

Two activists of the Baloch Students Organisation-Azad (BSO-Azad) were shot dead, and more than two dozens were injured and thirty abducted by Pakistani forces from Tootak area of Khuzdar district on Friday.BSO-Azad and Baloch Republican Party (BRP) claimed that security forces had killed two activists of BSO-Azad during a search operation in Tutak area and besieged it for more than ten hours,dozens severely injured and thirty people abducted by forces.

The levies personnel took the bodies to the Khuzdar Civil Hospital for medical examination where they were identified as Muhammad Naeem Qalandarani and Yaha Khan Qalandarani. According to Khuzdar-based journalists, they were not allowed by doctors to photograph the bodies. BSO-Azad held protest demonstrations in Quetta, Naushki and Pasni condemning the killings of its activists and accused security forces of carrying out massive operation in Baloch-populated areas. BSO spokesman said that security personnel had besieged the Tutak area and carried out home-to-home search and violated the sanctity of homes.

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Pakistani forces attacked a village in Dera Bugti ,seven civilians were killed and more than 15 injured

At least seven people were killed and more than 15 injured when Pakistani security forces attacked a village on Punjab-Balochistan border area some 80 km from Rajanpur.The residents of surrounding areas were taken aback by the intensity of the Pakistani military offensives that continued for more than 18 hours.A large number of cattle were killed by security forces. These had belonged to the locals in the Suri and Patokh areas.

Several families left their ancestral land after the Pakistani army agression.

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  1. i was active leader of BLA , and i know my own friends of BLA killed them and then blamed forces.. iam a baloch and my hometown is TURBAT BALOCHISTAN. majority i.e 99% wants peace from these terrorists groups. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD .
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