Monday, 16 November 2009

Balaach is alive

The one who realised the slavery of his nation,

In the high mountains,with no facilities of life

No water,no electricity,no gas,no education,no jobs

He raised his gun for the better future of his people,

Where children afraid to play any game under the shadow & thunders of fighter jets

Gunship helicopters appear before birds in the dawn,

Farmers tears cant extinguish the fire in the fields,

The son of soil displaced like a refugee at their own homeland,

They want us to be with them in the critical time,

Martyrs and missing persons increasing day by day

We should stand unite against the occupying forces,

We wont tolerate you to plunder our resources anymore

You got no roots in Shalkot better go back to Sialkot.

Dont be in any illusion Balaach is dead,

He is alive,his ideology is adopted by every Baloch youth.

By Ali Baloch

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