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The debate of Baloch national genocide has been taking place since long but after forced occupation of Pakistan in this region the possibilities of Baloch becoming minorities like Red Indians increased. 250 years ago Baloch had a coastal area of 1500km I.e. from Karachi to Harmoz but today its divided in 5 parts in Iran so that it doesn’t unites as a political power there. Being in Pakistan with 3 different provinces, Balochistan where Balochs are in majority, Pakhtoons are forcibly involved against their will according to a plan to avoid Baloch becoming a great power. The same conspiracy was played on Pakhtoons where they were divided in Balochistan, Punjab and then free tribes etc. to deprive them from unity. Similarly Sindhis had to face weakness in their political power because of bearing hundreds of thousands of refugees from India who were later on localized. That particular refugee who traveled from Delhi and Hyderabad wearing a patched shirt and loin cloth is the master of Sind and the poor sindhi is its servant.

Punjabi is the only nation in this country who absorbed other nations and is united whereas all other nations are victims of indigenous division. This is the reason whenever nations speak about the injustice they faced, blame Punjab because Punjab is the only nation strengthening with Pakistan whereas other nations are suffering division under the governmental and semi-governmental conspiracies.

Baloch’s issue is much critical than other of these nations because not even it is able to read or write its own language in its school, neither it has any opportunity of saving its tradition nor it can defend its culture. Similarly its land can be taken from it and its facing the threat of losing its national identity forever.

From prominent American intellectual Sleigh Harrison to ordinary writers have repeated several times expressing the threat of Baloch facing slow motion genocide. We too have repeated using the term of ‘slow motion genocide’ in tens of our articles, but concentrating more on this subject reveals that using the term of ‘slow genocide’ does not reflects the current disaster Baloch nation is facing.

In fact it is an ugly truth, due to rapid development of science, nations are developing too. So in case of suppression of any nation it can swiftly lose its national identity where killing everyone is not necessary .

Only 1 or 2 per cent of Balochs who migrated to Sind and Punjab in the 15th and 16th century, write their identities as Baloch but are disconnected from Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan in such a way that 5 military operations in Balochistan and genocide of Baloch could not succeed in convulsing them. 90% of them speak Sindhi, Punjabi and Saraiki. Similarly Baloch in Iran bearing 80 years of slavery do not have the stamina to rescue its language, history and culture. Baloch history and Baloch culture is being attacked by Persian history and Persian language like an uprising storm. More than that Baloch can not even practice its Sunni religious prayers in a peaceful environment.

In these past 80 years, Baloch nation was kept backward so much that it feels embarrassed to wear its own traditional clothes. Persians have intentionally attacked Baloch’s culture and tradition to intellectively make them slaves. Baloch living there is convinced that the memento of being educated and civilized person is to wear paint coat whereas its own traditional dress is the bookmark of ignorance and backwardness.

We think any nation dies at the moment when it becomes a victim of inferiority complex. The nations who think they are superior and above all, are called Fascist and aren’t acceptable by the world. Similarly the States who try to involve other weak and minor nations into inferiority complex are hated by the world. These states with the help of their enormous political machinery drive the particular nation in so much inferiority complex that they lose the stamina of rescuing their national identity and they move forward to their end unknowingly.

It took around 4 to 5 centuries for the Balochs living in Sind and Punjab to become one of them but developed Iran in a small period of 80 years turned a large number of Balochs into Shiites. It convinced many people that they being Baloch are less civilized, less educated and in fact less intelligent than Persians. Similarly many were convinced to speak Persian to their children so that the gates of success open to them as if speaking Balochi or being close to Balochistan would close the gates.

In these 80 years a large number of Baloch were perverse to believe that Baloch did not had any such history which can be taught in colleges and universities and neither Balochi was a language to be proud on.

Tehran and Pakistan are killing Balochs in different ways using different weapons. In Iran Balochs are hanged or shoot in the name being Sunni, in the name of drugs, in the name of being US, Britain or Western agent, or in the name of provoking Balochs for freedom. Along with these killings, They are assassin with the weapons like keeping them in ignorance, unemployment, backwardness and corruption murdering their Balochism. These people are seemingly living human but are empty inside. They think alike their masters to keep them slaves forever.

In Eastern Balochistan the situation is no different. In Pakistan, Balochistan is the less developed and most back warded province and Pakhtoon areas are much developed than Balochs. (Here it should not be taken that Pakhtoons are in heaven in Balochistan.)

As here Baloch being slave since a less period of 62 years, so it is less under pressure than in Iran. Newspapers and Magazines are published under help yourself theory here. Music centers are present and literature is in inventory mode being published by helping their own selves. Government TV and radio channels teach the lesson of being Pakistani rather than being Baloch so that Balochi and Brahvi language are near to the stage of elimination. I, being drama and TV person from 1993-97, am a witness that while I used to write scripts, producers always used to tell me to write the dialogues of the characters using most of Urdu words so that ordinary people could understand. Whereas my Balochi was never tough but was indeed pure because I used to implement Rakshani, Makrani and Suleimani accent equally in my dialogues. Being familiar with 3 of these accents, I never had the necessity of using Urdu words that’s what my producers never liked. I was usually present in recordings where actors on the advice of producers used to place Urdu or English words in the dialogues and I used to immediately correct them but in my absence they used to neglect the script using such an ordinary Balochi mixture which used to embarrass me listening to it later.

The main reason of giving this ordinary example is to let the world know the Balochi and Brahvi programs published in the TV and Radios are just to pollute these languages and not for their development.

The situation of Pakistani politics is in front of all, some Balochs have been bought and some have been misguided. Those who want to apprise the threats Baloch and Balochistan are facing, end up like more than 8000 missing people which can be seen by the world. The terrible result of democratic politics in Balochistan resulting the assassination of Martyr Ghulam Mohd, Martyr Lala Munir, Martyr Sher Mohd, Martyr Rasool Baksh and tens of other leaders is a question mark to the world. The state terrorism has reached a point that in the month of September this year, a peaceful public conference in Tump was opened fire in which nearly 20 innocent victims were injured including women and children and one youngster Mukhtar Baloch was martyred.

Here too Balochs are being targeted directly along using the weapons like terror, greediness, corruption, backwardness, division and illiteracy at the same time.

As we have mentioned before, we would like to reinforce the point that in this computerized era it is not so hard to eliminate any nation as all new weapons such as carpet bombardment, media, seminars, internet etc. are used at the same time.

Iran and Pakistan have not only planed to snatch Baloch homeland, the fact of Baloch being a secular nation pins like a needle in their eyes. If the civilized world helps the broad minded Baloch in this region against Pakistani and Iranian religious trend of extremism, the civilized world gains the profit itself. Baloch arising as a moderate power in this region can help the world to fight against 2 challenges in this 21st century I.e. prohibiting drugs because many of Pakistani and Iranian high officials are backing the smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan to Europe and America through Balochistan.The second biggest challenge is the religious extremism which is promoted both in Pakistan and Iran and is a challenge to the entire world. Baloch nation with its secular thoughts can be actively helpful to the civilized world in the fight against this negative trend. Balochistan Zindabaad!

Source: Daily Tawar
Translated by zrombesht

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